Samsung Galaxy s iii lte-add and transfer contacts

Follow the steps below to add or copy contacts to and from your Samsung Galaxy S III LTE.

Adding a contact

1. Tap the contacts icon on your Samsung Galaxy S III LTE's home screen, then hit the plus sign in the top right corner
2. Decide whether to save your contact's details in your phone's memory or straight onto the SIM card
3. Tap in their name, phone number, email address and any other info you have, then tap Save

Copying contacts

1. Tap Applications on your homescreen
2. Tap Contacts
3. Press the Menu key
4. Tap Import/Export
5. Choose Import from SIM
6. Tap Select all
7. Tap Import

To copy contacts from your phone to your SIM card follow the steps above, but on step 5 choose Export to SIM card.

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