4G Coverage on EE

4G in more places, and still the fastest

 Infographic showing 4G coverage commitment for 2020

A clearer picture on coverage

We now cover 75% of UK landmass with 4G. But what does this mean for you?

While we’ve hit 99% population coverage, we recognise it’s no longer enough to merely cover you where you live. We want you to be able to connect to superfast 4G wherever you go. That’s why we’ve made it our ambition to deliver 4G to 95% of UK landmass by 2020.

Let us give you a clearer picture of where you can get connected.

Pushing our 4G further than ever before

You’re using more and more data on the move, which means you’ll want to connect to our superfast network wherever you go.

Now we’re pushing our network to more places than ever before, bringing 4G to even more people and improving coverage in rural areas and indoors.

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Turning "not spots" into 4G "hotspots"

Almost 1,000 miles apart and at opposite ends of the UK, Shetland and the Isles of Scilly now have 4G coverage.

Watch the video to see how 4G is already transforming the lives of people living in remote areas.

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"I believe we have a responsibility both to our country and to our customers to extend 4G coverage dramatically"

Marc Allera, EE CEO (April 2016)


Our great big 4G plan

When we said we wanted to deliver 95% geographic coverage by 2020, we meant it. And we're investing £1.5m a day to make it happen.

In December 2016, we added 4G coverage to 2% more of the UK landmass thanks to a switch on of our new 800MHz spectrum – that’s 5,000 square kilometres, or an area the same size as Northumberland! It's going to improve indoor coverage in 500,000 homes.

And that’s just for starters. We’re building new sites and upgrading others to superfast 4G to make sure that there’s 4G coverage wherever you go.

4G in more places than any other UK network, and still the fastest

You already get the fastest speeds in the UK with 4GEE Max plans. But did you know that we also give you the biggest 4G coverage? And we won’t stop investing in our network until you can get 4G absolutely everywhere you go.