Social media engagement

    Making the most of social media with EE

    Social media engagement is an increasingly important part of most people’s digital lives, whether they’re young, or not so young. Here at EE, we have the tools to help you make the most of it.

    From sharing photos to bringing your playlists to the masses, our superfast network enables you to do whatever you want with no needless delays. Here are just a few of the ways in which social media is better with EE.

    Facebook and Twitter
    It’s time to join the party and share thoughts, photos, articles and events with your online friends. Facebook is the more personal platform where you have greater control over who can see what you’re saying and sharing, while Twitter has the potential to reach a wider audience. Either way, both platforms give you the opportunity to make your digital life just that little bit more colourful.

    With EE, you can rely on the kind of speed that’ll give you the edge in being first with the news. It’ll allow you to upload your photos the minute they’re taken, and there’s no waiting around watching that upload bar creeping along.

    Music at your – and others’ – fingertips
    With the right 4GEE plan, you can get music streaming service Deezer Mobile as your inclusive add-on, giving you unlimited access to 25 million tracks, as well as Deezer’s recommendations, latest releases and charts.

    But it’s the social side that really makes it. Inflict your musical tastes on your friends by creating shareable playlists and giving your pals access. You can also create your own library and listen to the music you love on all your devices, even offline.

    Playing it safe
    While you’re having fun, it’s worth exercising a degree of caution, and EE can give you some tips on this.

    Don’t forget that whatever you post online can be seen by anyone, at any time, so be careful what you’re putting out there. It’s also handy to keep an eye on your privacy settings so you’re fully aware who can access – and share – your online content, and to think twice about what you’re posting.

    Remember too that your children are feeling their way in the digital world just like you, so keep an eye on what they’re doing, but make sure that you’re helping them along the way. Social media is going to be an integral part of their lives and there’s no sign of that abating. They need to learn early how to go about things the right way and enjoy themselves in a safe environment.

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