Why choose EE SIM only?

More and more people are sticking with their current device and going for a SIM only option. But why should you choose an EE SIM only plan, and what are the benefits?

What is SIM only?

Put simply, a SIM only plan is exactly that: a plan that’s just for your SIM card. Rather than getting a new phone included in your plan, you get a new SIM with all your data, minutes and texts on it. Just pop this into your phone and you’re good to go!

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Why choose SIM only?

The choice really comes down to whether you want a new phone or not. If you’ve already got a phone you love and just want a better deal on your minutes, texts and data, then SIM only could be for you.

SIM only plans offer similar amounts of minutes, texts and data to phone plans – plus you can use your allowances in the EU. The right SIM only plan will depend on what your priorities are, but if you know how you use your phone, and you don’t want to pay for a new phone, a SIM only plan is for you.

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Pay monthly vs pay as you go

There are two options when it comes to SIM only: you can opt for a pay monthly plan (typically around 12 months, though there are some longer ones) or choose pay as you go.

Pay monthly SIM only plans will give you access to the best minutes, texts and data allowances at a great price, while pay as you go offers flexibility and the option to switch to something else at any time.

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