Mobile Extras That Bring You Better Value


When it comes to getting great value, it always helps to get a little bit extra. We’ve got just the thing: a bunch of brilliant benefits to make your money go further.

Stay connected if you’re out of data

Knowing that you can keep in touch with friends and loved ones even if your data’s run out is one of those little things that just makes life better. That’s why Stay Connected Data comes included in our Essential and All Rounder plans. Stay Connected Data runs at a slower speed, but it still works perfectly for calling, texting and using apps like WhatsApp and Maps.

It automatically kicks in if your monthly data allowance runs out and lasts until next month’s allowance starts. And if you want to get back to full speed sooner, you can buy a daily or monthly data add on.

Not got Stay Connected Data included in your plan? No problem—you can add it for just £4 a month.

Share your spare data with your family

Having tons of data on your phone is great. But wouldn’t it be awesome if you could move your unused data over to other people in your family that might need it? 

Data Gifting lets you do just that, giving you the control to move data between your family’s EE plans from your account.

It helps you make the most of your data allowances and it helps you avoid running out of data or paying for more. And, if you’ve got kids, it’s a great way to manage your children’s data usage.

Everything’s easy to manage, too. Just head to the EE app and move your data around in just a few seconds.

Get Inclusive Extras as part of your plan

Inclusive Extras let you add amazing benefits like Apple Music, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and Roam Abroad Pass to your plan.

The best bit about Inclusive Extras? You get the flexibility to swap them each month. So, you could pick Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and then just swap to the Roam Abroad Pass to use your data and minutes in Europe and selected countries around the world. And next month you can switch right back.

It all means you can enjoy Extras worth up to £25 a month without having to compromise on the stuff you love most.