EE TV Features

On demand TV and much more

Personalise your TV

Everyone can create their own personal TV Guide on their tablet or phone, giving you instant access to the channels and shows you love.

You can also choose to see only the shows you've personally recorded, so you don't need to search through everyone else's recordings. And you can even view all your personal photos and videos on the big screen too.

Watch four different programmes around your home at the same time

Arguments over the remote are no more. You and your family can watch up to four different programmes around your home at the same time - live or recorded - on your TV and compatible phones and tablets.

EE TV lets you easily bring what you're watching round the house to any compatible device. You can simply flick a programme from your tablet to your TV. Or fetch it from your TV to your tablet if you need to leave the room.

Check out what's trending on Twitter

With so many great shows available on EE TV, we know it can sometimes be hard to choose something to watch. So, we've teamed up with Twitter to make it even easier to find the latest and greatest shows.

Whenever a show is trending on Twitter (when lots of people are tweeting about it), you'll see the Twitter icon displayed in the programme details on your EE TV box, so you'll be able to tune in and see what the fuss is about.

And there's more

Flick and Fetch

Move something you're watching in the app on your tablet or phone to your TV screen with a simple flick of your finger. And with the Fetch button you can take whatever's on TV and instantly bring it up on your phone or tablet.

Pause, Rewind, Record

Record up to four programmes at once. Store up to 600 hours of standard TV, or 300 hours of HD. EE TV's huge memory is bigger than most other services, which means there’s space for everyone's stuff.

Replay and Restart

With Replay, you can watch programmes that have been broadcast during the last day on up to eight of your favourite channels. Tuned in halfway through a programme? With Restart you can skip straight back to the beginning.

EE TV app

With the EE TV app you can watch live TV, recordings and replay from your EE TV on your Android or Apple tablet or phone. Or, you can control your EE TV from your device as an enhanced remote.

It works seamlessly with up to three compatible tablets or phones. You can watch anything that's on your EE TV box, including your recordings, in any room in the house.

EE TV is available to all EE Broadband customers
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