Smart Hybrid Connect


backup connection


maximum download speed

For an unbreakable connection, add Smart Hybrid Connect to your plan. If your broadband goes down, our 4G router kicks in. EE’s hybrid broadband will always keep you connected.

Smart Hybrid Connect benefits

Backup 4G connection

Get reconnected quickly using EE’s mobile network and hybrid broadband if your connection ever goes down.

Switches automatically

Your connection will switch to the mobile network, and back again, without you having to do a thing.

Ideal for working from home

Smart Hybrid Connect is ready to save the day with a backup 4G connection.

Backed up by the best
Smart Hybrid Connect gives you a backup mobile connection from EE, the UK’s best mobile network.

Work without WiFi worry

Smart Hybrid Connect has always got your back, getting you quickly reconnected using EE’s mobile network if your broadband signal disappears.

Here’s a little housewarming gift

Moving house? Our Keep Connected Promise, available on selected plans, means we’ll get you online from day one with 4G, via Hybrid Connect or a Mini Hub.

Stream to your heart’s content

Don’t let your broadband connection put an end to movie night, with a backup mobile connection always on hand.

Learn more about Smart Hybrid Connect

If you can get a good 4G signal where you live, you should be able to get Smart Hybrid Connect.

If you don't have a strong enough 4G signal we won't offer you Smart Hybrid Connect as an add on. That's because we don't think it'll improve your connection at the moment.

If you have Smart Hybrid Connect and you lose your broadband connection, your Smart Hub will wait a short time to see if the broadband comes back up. If it doesn't then it will automatically switch over to the EE mobile network. This takes about 2 to 3 minutes in total.

Once your broadband connection is working again, your Smart Hub will make sure the connection is stable before moving you back over. Your devices will remain connected to your Smart Hub throughout – you won't have to do anything. The data you use when your Smart Hybrid Connect is connecting you to the mobile network is all included in your package.

Hybrid broadband is where you bring two broadband connections together to create a more reliable connection. For example EE’s Hybrid Broadband connects your home broadband WiFi with EE’s mobile network. This means that if your broadband were to go down you’d be able to rely on EE’s mobile network for your connection.
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Included with Full Works broadband plans or available as an extra with other plans.