Smart WiFi

1 seamless

home network


money back guarantee

Enjoy the speed and reliability of EE broadband in hard to reach places with WiFi devices that give you a single seamless network throughout your home.

Smart WiFi benefits

Money-back guarantee

We promise WiFi throughout your home or you get £100 back.

Extend your WiFi

Get a stronger WiFi signal in hard to reach places.

Just one password

No need to connect to each Smart WiFi device individually.

Works in any home

We'll send you one WiFi device, with up to two more if needed.

Smart WiFi Plus benefits (for Smart Hub Plus customers)

Preserve battery life

Smart Hub Plus sleeps connections to devices that aren’t in use, saving power and bandwith.

WiFi 6 compatible

Works with WiFi 6 on your Smart Hub Plus for a fast, reliable connection.

Smart WiFi creates one seamless network around your home, so you can move from room to room without worrying about dropouts. Got a big home? We’ll provide up to 2 additional Smart WiFi devices for free.

Ready, set, connect

Get your Smart WiFi devices up and running in minutes with the help of the EE app. You’ll also unlock full control of your home’s connectivity with WiFi Controls.

Learn more about EE WiFi Controls

Work anywhere

Whether you’re vlogging from the bedroom or video calling from the sofa, enjoy the freedom to choose where you work best with Smart WiFi.

Game without limits

Explore virtual worlds in the lounge or team up with friends in the attic room. Smart WiFi keeps you connected, wherever you like to game.

Learn more about Game Mode

Video call seamlessly

Move from room to room whilst video calling – Smart WiFi creates a single seamless network around your home.

Learn more about Smart WiFi

EE Smart WiFi devices boost coverage around your home. Connect them to the router and place them in the best location – usually between the router and where you have poor WiFi.

EE Smart WiFi is a mesh set-up. The Smart WiFi devices are so powerful that they reach every corner of your house. You’ll have one WiFi network working across your home, instead of multiple networks between different rooms.

It’s easy to set up Smart WiFi with the EE app.
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Included with Full Works broadband plans or available as an extra with other plans.