Broadband Price Changes


From 23 January 2017, we are increasing the price of some of our broadband and line rental packages as well as some of our call charges.

Call charges

A breakdown of the call charges which will be changing is below. These changes only apply to calls made outside of your allowance. All of the other great benefits of your plan, including calls made within your package, will stay the same.

So which prices will be changing?

Call charges Current New
UK landline connection charge 17p 20p
UK mobile connection charge 17p 20p
UK landline call charges 11.5p 12.5p
UK mobile call charges 14p 15p
International connection charge (all) 15p 20p

Why prices are increasing

We try to keep price rises to a minimum, but in order to continue to invest in our network and service we need to make this price increase. We’re continuing to invest in providing the best possible broadband service that we can for our customers.

What do you mean by calls “outside of your allowance”?

All of our plans include an allowance for calls to landlines. Depending on your inclusive call allowance this may also include calls to mobiles and international numbers. These changes would impact any calls that fall outside of the allowance covered by your plan.