Working faster and better – talking digital transformation with Jeremy Spencer

December 2018

BT’s general manager of corporate proposition on the importance of working faster

Over the course of his career, BT’s Jeremy Spencer has watched the internet radically alter customer expectations. He uses Amazon Prime as a case in point. “We’re living in a ‘now’ world. If you’re like me, you put the Prime filter on because you’re only interested in suppliers who can deliver tomorrow, or even the same day.”

Getting your shopping faster is one thing. But when it comes to business, it’s about working faster to survive.

Get everyone in your business working faster

Getting up to speed can be a huge challenge for many businesses. Jeremy’s portfolio of products and services was designed to help big companies compete against lean, agile start-ups. And his extensive experience covers sales, marketing and product development.

He believes the push to ‘work faster’ affects every aspect of business. Customers want to be better informed. Companies need to bring new capabilities to market faster. And employees want a collaborative, inspirational place to work, and the opportunity to do more with technology. Especially millennials, who won’t settle for less.

Start with the basics

“Businesses that are still running their own infrastructure will struggle to carve out IT resources for innovation,” says Jeremy.  

And if you think that sounds scary, you’re not alone. Almost 70 per cent of corporate businesses fear the disruption adopting new tech will cause*.

But digital transformation doesn’t have to be intimidating. With help from the right partner, you can start exploiting cloud-based technologies to lower costs, free up resources, and kick-start growth.

Do it right, every time

Jeremy stresses that working faster is a wasted effort if it doesn’t go hand in hand with accuracy. That means getting the right information to the right people at the right time. And for that, you need the right mobile devices, networks and apps. Plus workflows that support flexible working.

A portfolio built for speed

BT’s portfolio has crucial core networking solutions that can help from the ground up. And of course, it’s supported by our EE network, with 4G in more places than any other.

As information spreads more widely across organisations, security concerns are more critical than ever. BT’s solutions have inbuilt security, actively managed by over 2,500 security experts worldwide.

BT One Phone delivers what Jeremy describes as ‘reachability’ – customers can always get hold of you, you never miss a call. At the London Aquatic Centre, it keeps all managers, swimming instructors and lifeguards in the loop.

BT Cloud Work takes this a step further, letting people communicate not just anywhere, at any time, but also in any mode. Whether that’s voice, text messaging, IM or video.

And for industries needing new locations or pop-ups, Rapid Site from EE gives them super-fast 4G connectivity within three days. It’s revolutionising site management at GreenSquare construction company.

Keep up the pace

So what can you expect from the future? Well, Jeremy thinks we’re heading for an omni-channel world, with more choice and more visual interaction. The customer experience will be enriched by virtual reality and augmented reality, but legacy IT and processes will hold them back until they’ve fully disappeared.

He says “there’ll always be new competition coming through, as the innovation window continues to shorten.” All the more reason, then, to look at how your business can start working faster. Today.

Want to know more? Call the BT Corporate team now on 0800 345 7984.

*Data from the GfK Business Enterprise Study July 2018

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