October 2016

To succeed in today’s fast-paced, international business world, you need cutting-edge communications technology. Email and video conferencing are now standard practice, and smartphone usage is growing across all industries. Your teams also need fast, reliable access to websites and online files even when on the move.

EE is committed to putting superfast, stable, and secure 4G roaming at your fingertips: giving your people the tools to be more productive wherever they are, and wherever they need to be.

We want to help your business meet today’s challenges head-on. So we’ve updated our roaming plans and created three new great-value packages. They’re designed to give companies like yours the minutes, texts, and data you need, so we’re able to support you whatever your roaming requirements are.

Our new 3-prop packages are simple, clear, and flexible. Whether you choose Pay When Roaming, Your Traveller, or Travel Allowance Bundles, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting and why it’s right for you.

Pay When Roaming automatically activates, meaning it’s always there when you need it, and making sure you don’t pay when you’re not using it. In the EU, you get unlimited voice and texts plus 500MB data for an amazing £2 per day. In our new ‘Traveller Zone’, covering the world’s most popular business destinations, it’s just £6 per day.

Your Traveller offers everything you need for international business travel at a simple monthly price. That’s an incredible 500 mins of roaming/International Direct Dial, 500MB roaming data, 50 roaming texts plus unlimited UK voice and texts for just £35 per month. You can choose whether to use your minutes for roaming or UK IDD, and it can even be combined with Pay When Roaming if you need to increase your allowance.

Travel Allowance Bundles allow you to share incredible roaming value across your entire team of business travellers. It’s a global allowance based on a three-zone structure (EU, Traveller, and Rest of World.) We’re offering £1,300 credit for just £1000, or £115 credit for just £100, and our lowest ever underlying rates. Like our other plans, Travel Allowance Bundles cover all the world’s leading business destinations, as well as all types of roaming and international spend. There are no out-of-bundle (OOB) rates, and any unused allowance rolls over to the following month.

We want to connect your workforce, customers, and machines to help you cut costs, drive productivity, engage customers and unlock revenue streams. High-speed, low-cost international roaming is just one way that we’re putting all the advantages of mobile technology behind your business performance.

We know that every business has unique needs, so we’ll work with you to understand your existing roaming spend and help you to select the right plan to suit your needs. To find out how EE can help support your business’ international needs in a mobilised world, contact your account manager or call 0800 079 0871.


Terms and conditions

Terms & conditions: Availability is subject to credit check and business registration. All prices are exclusive of VAT. Pay When Roaming Inclusive allowance is valid from the time a bundle is triggered until midnight the same day in the time-zone where you trigger the bundle. Unlimited calling allowances are for normal person-to-person use for calls to and from geographic landline numbers and standard mobile numbers within the zone you are in and the UK. Calls of more than 90 minutes in duration may be charged at EE’s standard out-of-bundle rates. If you go outside your inclusive allowance, you’ll be charged our standard rates for the zone you are in; currently for data this is 3.5p/MB in the EU and 6p/MB in the Traveller zone. Your Traveller Minimum Term may apply. Once your inclusive voice roaming allowance is used up, you will be charged £3 / day for unlimited calls and SMS within the EU and EE’s Traveller zone. In the EU that means calls to and from other EU countries and the UK. In the EE Traveller zone that means calls to and from the country you’re in and the UK. Once your inclusive IDD allowance is used, you’ll be charged £6 / 60mins of calls for up to 25 calls and thereafter at 10p/min to any destination in the EU and EE Traveller zone. Out-of-bundle SMS will be charged at 5p/SMS. Travel Allowance Bundles Minimum Term may apply. See the EE Price Guide for Large Business at for details of the applicable underlying rates in the Travel Allowance Bundles, full terms for all bundles and details of the countries included in EU and Traveller roaming zones.

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