December 2018

Not all mobiles are born equal. And some are simply better equipped to help you work faster and be more responsive in those all-important business moments.

Act fast with the Note9

Take the Samsung Galaxy Note9, for example. It’s packed full of features to help you do business now. Even when now means a packed commuter train, when you first roll out of bed in the morning or during a leisurely stroll on your local gym’s treadmill.

The Note9’s re-designed, Bluetooth-enabled S-Pen lets you do things like sign documents on the move. So, you can dot the Is and cross the Ts on that big contract you’ve just won and get it back to your customer right after they’ve sent it. That’s bound to impress. 

With a 6.4” Infinity Display, powering through your emails or reading reports doesn’t have to wait for a bigger screen. And if you’re on a train heading into the office, you won’t have to waste time saving, sharing or sending documents to your computer when you get in. With improved Samsung DeX, you can connect your Note 9 to a monitor with a single cable and get a full PC experience in a snap.

Working faster and more efficiently with the Note 9 doesn’t mean you’ll need to compromise on security, either. The built in, defence-grade Knox security platform protects all your data, while Secure Folder lets you keep work files separate and safe.

More devices built for business

Working faster and being more responsive doesn’t end with the Note9, either. The Samsung Galaxy S9, for example, offers plenty of the same benefits in a more compact package. It also comes with things like dual-stereo speakers, so you’ll hear everyone loud and clear on conference calls. And Bixby – your own personal assistant – to help you manage your day on the fly.

Ways of improving efficiency and staying safe

Enrolling new devices takes up time for IT staff and device users. With Knox Mobile Enrolment you can add thousands of devices to your enterprise at once, without having to manually enrol each one. Your users just power on their devices and connect to the network to enrol to EMM. It’s that simple.

In other words, there are plenty of great mobiles out there to help you work efficiently, be more effective and stay secure, wherever business takes you. And when you combine them with the power of our fast 4G network, you’ll be able to work faster and get more done on the move than ever before.

So, if you’re raring to go, get in touch today to find out more. Call us on 0800 956 6108.


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