July 2017

If your employees are abroad and need to stay in touch with work over the summer, a secure device and good connection will give them peace of mind and keep business moving along without delay.

It’s much easier to ensure this now with advances in mobile technology, security management, and the ability to connect to information and services over secure, high-speed networks from almost anywhere.

But as they prepare to travel, you’ll want to be sure all the important things are covered – that employees are going to be able to do everything they need to when they’re away, and without running up big data bills or leaving company information open to security breaches.

What does a good business mobile experience look like overseas?

The simple answer is that it should feel just like connecting and working in the UK.  Thanks to changes in EU roaming legislation, it should no longer cost any more to use mobile data in many parts of Europe, so there’s no need to think twice about letting employees access online services when in the EU.

But there are other considerations too. To provide a consistently good experience for your employees abroad, you’ll need to consider:

Continuous, secure coverage

Whether at a busy airport, in the back of a taxi, or in a remote location, people need a reliable and secure connection with good coverage to confidently use voice and data services.

Secure devices

Giving employees a dedicated laptop, tablet or mobile for work use makes it easier for them to keep work and personal activities separate. This can also help with security, if devices are used to access sensitive data. There is software that can manage this centrally – for instance, the ability to disable the device or wipe sensitive content remotely if a device goes missing.


It should be as simple as possible to connect to services from the moment people get off the plane – without the need to sign up to services or change settings in each country.

Easy compliance.

Wherever employees are, they shouldn’t have to take special action to stay within company rules. In the break from normal business routine, it’s easy to forget about the importance of using a secure connection, so it’s a good idea to make this as seamless for them as possible through the way their portable devices are set up.

How EE enables overseas connectivity

Our goal is to give you the same high-quality mobile working experience abroad as in the UK. We make it very easy and affordable to connect and work in other countries. In line with new EU legislation, we have removed roaming charges in 47 European countries – so people can enjoy the same roaming experience abroad as in the UK at no extra charge.

As well as offering a wide range of mobile devices for business users, we provide an easy-to-manage, end-to-end Secure Mobility solution to protect your company devices, network and data. This also allows you control over what people can access and do – wherever they are, whatever device they’re using

Talk to the experts

In the digital age, people’s needs of connectivity abroad are no different to those at home. It’s why travel reviewers on sites such as TripAdvisor highlight connectivity so prominently in their write-ups about destinations they have visited.

Staying in touch when travelling needs to be a positive and controlled experience wherever your people are. EE has all of this covered – offering a wide range of devices, connectivity and easy-to-manage security in the UK and abroad.

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