Increase sales and connect to your customers

What is smart vending?

We've partnered with Cumulocity to bring you a better way to manage your vending machines and reach out to your customers.

Smart Vending is a cloud-based service that sends you real-time info on stock, sales, customer usage and the condition of your company's vending machines. Smart Vending helps you to improve operational efficiency, increase sales and connect with your customers.

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Why get smart vending?

Improved margins
Real-time updates on stock levels mean you can refill your machines at the right time, saving on operations costs. Alerts also mean you’re told when machines are faulty, so you can repair them straight away and reduce downtime.

Better customer experience and new business opportunities
Customers can find your machines and get loyalty offers with a handy app, and can use their mobiles to pay and use your machine's 4GEE mobile hotspot. Machine screens can provide product information and advertising.

Smart Vending gives you:

Real-time machine information

Cash visibility, alarms and alerts, and online stock information, history and forecasting.

Real-time customer information

Behaviour and sales reports for better planning and efficiency.

Easy integration

Can be used with ERP, BI and BPM systems and support for all relevant industry standards (MDB, EXECUTIVE, EVA-DTS DEX, DDCMP).

Tools for staff

Work plan creation for route and service planning and optional mobile apps.

How it works

We can bring Smart Vending to almost any type of machine, including your existing fleet.

For a fast set-up, we use purpose-built EE M2M SIMs and a compatible modem to connect your vending machines to the cloud. You can easily manage all your SIMs and data allowance through your EE account online.

To view your data, you can use VendMe, Cumulocity's simple online reporting tool. If you prefer, you can also use your ERP system to view your data.

EE and Cumulocity

At EE, we’re at the forefront of M2M connectivity and Smart Vending. Through our parent companies, France Telecom and Deutsche Telekom, and other international partners, we’re part of a global network.

We’ve combined this network, expertise and insight, and the VendMe software developed by Cumulocity to give vending operators the right solution for their business.

Cumulocity GmbH, a spin-off of Nokia Siemens Networks, is a leading provider of software solutions based on cloud technology. With a strong focus on innovation and experience in mobile M2M, Cumulocity has set new industry standards.

Together we’ve received an industry award for our Smart Vending service.

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