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Combined with our global network coverage and flexible business models, our M2M-specific SIMs and Control Centre platform enable you to integrate your devices to your own service centres with flexibility and ease.

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We have a portfolio of M2M-specific SIMs that are fully compliant with international standards and are applicable to the wide range of M2M applications deployed in current markets.


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Control Centre

The M2M Control Centre platform allows you to manage your connections, putting you in complete control, and offering unrivalled flexibility from the beginning.


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Network coverage

Through our global network of partner operators, you'll be connected around the world. Connections to GPRS/3G/4G, SMS, CSD and Voice bearers can be made using our M2M Control Centre.

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Flexible business models

Our services can be tailored to suit your business’ needs, thanks to flexible plan elements that can be applied at customer account, SIM group or individual SIM levels.

Value-added services

We also provide a range of options to enable interconnection from EE to your own data centres:

Data connectivity

Our Data VPN portfolio provides fixed line access to EE’s mobile data network, so you can route your application data where it’s needed.

SMS Connectivity

Our M2M Connect and Third Party Gateway products support the delivery of MT-SMS and MO-SMS with SMS interconnection. Access is enabled by popular protocols such as XML/SOAP and SMPP.

Location Services (Cell ID)

Our expansive cell site network, provides access to a Cell ID database to assist tracking and tracing applications with approximate location information.


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