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Quick & easy access to your bill

Mobile Manager is a free service for Large Business customers, allowing you to analyse your company bill online. You’ll be set up automatically and allocated a number of free licenses depending on how many phones you have.

Features of the service include:

  • a dashboard of key trends and insights, plus standard or bespoke reports
  • bill breakdown by business area and email notifications when your bill is ready to view
  • create a company hierarchy to manage your fleet and tag personal and business calls

If you’re already registered, simply log in

Need to register? Or forgotten username or password? Contact our Support Team on 349 from your EE mobile or 07973 100349 from any other phone.

Got questions?

If you’ve got any questions, we’ll try to answer them here. Want to know which services are available on your EE phone? Or how to transfer your existing phone number to EE?

Check below to find out more and discover some of the extra perks available from EE.

Getting started

Help, hints and tips:

Go to our searchable help pages

Network coverage:

Are you covered by superfast 4G, 3G and 2G? 
Search by postcode or place, and compare three locations.


When you can't get to the phone, let your callers leave a message.

Conference calls
Want to get your colleagues together? Ring them and hold a meeting on the move.

Answer Fax
When you're travelling on business, colleagues and clients can send faxes to your mobile.

Video calling 
See your clients and colleagues as you talk to them in real time video.

Useful numbers

Business Customer Services 
from your mobile phone - 158 
from any other phone - 0800 079 0158

Checking your answer phone 
from your mobile phone - 123 or press and hold 1 
from any other phone - 07973 100 123

Lost or stolen phones 
from your mobile phone - 158  
from any other phone - 07973 100 158

Emergency services
from your mobile phone - 999 or 112 
from any other phone - 999 or 112

See our Term & Conditions for call costs
Calls made using non-EE phones will be charged at service provider's standard rates


Need help with your new 4G phone, dongle or WiFi devices?

Visit our help pages to see how to set them up, enable features and much more.


Before you travel

To set up international roaming you must first agree with the person in your company who manages your account that you're going to activate international roaming, then call 158 at least 24 hours before you travel, to activate it.

  • Once international roaming is activated, remove any temporary bars on international calls by selecting ‘Settings' from your menu, then ‘Security settings', then ‘Call barring service', and finally ‘Cancel all barrings'
  • Remember your rapid charger and travel adaptor
  • For security and safety, always pack your phone in your hand luggage and switch off before boarding the plane
  • Let others know you are abroad so that they can expect a different ring tone when they call you or, in some instances, a recorded message in a foreign language
  • To make life simpler, prefix the frequently used numbers in your phone book with the international dialling codes (for example, calls back to the UK should start with +44 in place of the leading zero)

When you arrive abroad

To start using your phone when you reach your destination, just switch it on and wait for it to find the local network (or do it manually in your phone's settings menu).

Staying secure abroad

To make sure your account is safe when you're travelling abroad, read our tips on activating your SIM PIN, locking your phone and more.

Email and broadband

In today's flexible workplace, mobile email and mobile broadband are so much more than just a ‘nice to have' for businesses - in most cases, they're a necessity. It's easy to get mobile email working for your business. If you need a little help and support setting up and using mobile broadband, here's where you'll find it.

Support for BlackBerry®
Useful information on using your BlackBerry.

Microsoft® Mail
Get tips and information on how to use it, and fix hitches without any hassle.

Business Everywhere Connection Manager
Here's how to get the best from your Business Everywhere Connection Manager.

Having trouble connecting?
If you're having problems with your connection, here's what to do.

WiFi on the Underground

Access WiFi on the London Underground, provided by Virgin Media, at no extra cost.

Text EEWIFI to 9527 and we'll send you a password so you can access the service.

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