Tailored to support the unique needs of your business

The challenges for your business

We’re your partner and consultant on the journey towards Total Enterprise Mobility. We know that every business has unique needs -  we’ll work with you to create a personalised and customisable service package to support you every step of the way.

With a network that’s the biggest and fastest in the UK, market-leading security solutions offered as standard and a flexible and collaborative approach, you can trust us to deliver service that’s always right for your business.

The solution: our business service promise

Our Business Class Service ensures that every business we support gets the highest level of customer service. We also offer the option to build a bespoke experience with a wide range of add-ons.

Our Service Add-Ons are priced individually and cover everything from welcome days to fully customised reporting.

Our Service Bundles contain several add-ons that have been packaged together. They offer complementary services and give you even better value for money.

Why EE

Internet icon – “4G in more places than any other network”

4G in more places than any other UK network

We're making sure that we provide the biggest 4G coverage for you.

Phone icon – “Call and text with WiFi”

Call and text with WiFi

No signal? No problem! With WiFi Calling you can keep talking and texting even if you don’t have mobile signal.

Pound sign icon – “Investing in our future”

Investing in our network

We're spending £1.5 million a day to keep improving our network's speed, reliability and call quality.

Lightbulb icon – “Ready for the future”

And ready for the future

We're always one step ahead. We were the first to introduce 4G to the UK, double speed 4GEE and now 4G+.

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Thinking about joining EE?

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Already with EE?

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Why choose EE?

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