Sony on Super Secure 4GEE

Security built in as standard

Protect your business with Sony and Super Secure 4GEE

Sony Xperia smartphones running the trusted Android OS bring you cutting edge performance at a competitive price. And now, Sony and EE are giving your business even more peace of mind with the latest in mobile security technology.

All Sony devices are compatible with our Super Secure Starter and Enterprise bundles, which are supported by 4GEE and MobileIron security. Coupled with the durable, sleek design of Sony smartphones, you can be sure your company’s data and devices are safe, no matter what happens.

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Everything you need to work smarter

With outstanding battery life and sharp displays, Xperia business smartphones bring you the best of Sony – all day, every day. Rely on seamless apps and excellent sharing capabilities to increase productivity and efficiency. And, crucially, trust in a robust and secure Android system with Sony Mobile enhancements.



Xperia business smartphones support IMAP4 and POP3 email protocols, allowing most standard email accounts to be used with the Xperia Email app. Email encryption is supported through a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS).

Let the apps do the hard work

Discover smarter ways of working with business apps on Xperia. Find out about Email, Calendar and Contacts apps, which can be synced using Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync® (EAS). It’s business as usual – wherever you’re working.

Managing your devices

With Sony’s Enterprise APIs, extensive compliance with Google cloud and EE Super Secure MobileIron solutions, Xperia devices perfectly support your mobile productivity needs.

Our super secure bundles

Whichever bundle you choose, your business will be supported with powerful security features built in as standard on every Sony device:



Our Starter bundle provides basic security on a hosted platform for managing and securing devices:

  • configure email and WiFi
  • protect passwords
  • remotely lock and wipe lost devices
  • distribute applications across all devices



Our Enterprise bundle works across all operating systems, and can be hosted or on-site, and integrated with an IT system or standalone:

  • all the features of our Starter bundle
  • advanced  application security
  • content security
  • access control features

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Complete security for your data and devices

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