Intelligent Messaging for Healthcare

Reduce missed appointments with Intelligent Messaging for Healthcare

Patients failing to turn up for appointments costs the NHS on average £700m every year*. Automated SMS reminders for upcoming appointments can have a critical impact on reducing your Did-Not-Attend rates. Research shows that each SMS appointment reminder generates a benefit with a value of £0.59.**

Upon receiving the SMS, patients are given the option of either confirming or re-scheduling an appointment. All responses are captured by the Intelligent Messaging platform and automatically updated in existing GP scheduling systems.

Watch the video to learn more about intelligent messaging.

Intelligent Messaging: helping you make your patients the priority

Integrated into EMIS Health, Vision and TPP SystemOne, this market-leading product delivers significant improvements to patient service and operational performance in areas such as data collection, call/recall, access and appointment management. As we have developed this product in partnership with iPLATO, it already works with the NHS GP IT systems so there’s no set-up or configuration needed.

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How Intelligent Messaging can benefit your organisation

Streamline data collection through smart two-way messaging.

Our system is securely hosted within N3 and all members of the iPLATO team are IGSoC-approved, meaning they are trained to help you deal with sensitive data.

An inbound mobile phone number for each site allows you to capture more mobile numbers, keep patient contact details up to date and improve access for groups of patients such as the deaf.

Integration to the most popular GP systems allows you to benefit from advanced read code functionality, sophisticated reporting and fully automated appointment reminders.

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