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Keep in contact and save with Voice VPN

With more people working on the move, we understand the need for businesses to cut the costs of calls made to mobiles.

Voice VPN links all of your company's phones; mobile, Private Branch Exchange (PBX) desk and individual Small Office/Home Office (SoHo) phones, into one virtual private network, cutting costs and increasing efficiency on every call made within the business.

How it works

To get the most out of Voice VPN, you'll need to have at least 20 phones (either mobile, PBX desk or SoHo phone). EE Voice VPN works with any standard 2G/3G handset.

Voice VPN can be set up in different ways depending on your business needs:

  • direct access to your PBX- where you request a leased line from EE
  • indirect access to your PBXs or SoHo phones - where you use your existing BT exchange lines/ISDN30 channels

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Why Voice VPN?

Single company network

Mobiles and Landlines are linked together, including fixed phones at satellite offices and home worker's phones.

Cut call costs

Get preferential call rates between employees, whether they're on mobile or landline.

Fast, simple communication

Every phone, fixed or mobile, can have a short dialling code for quick, easy exchanges.

An 'intelligent network'

Full recognition of  all internal calls, so you always benefit from the savings.

The technical bit

For direct access, you need a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) that supports the Q931 signalling protocol.

Alternatively, if you want to indirectly link your PBXs or small office/home sites to EE, then you'll need a BT exchange line (e.g. ISDN30 or standard DEL) to each of these sites.

We can arrange for one of our Technical Account Managers to visit you to discuss the best solution for your business. Just get in touch.

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