MobileIron by EE

More freedom for your team, more control for you

Helping your business embrace mobility with total confidence

MobileIron allows you to remotely provide your teams with access to the right content and apps on their mobile devices, allowing them to get their work done anywhere while helping keep your business information protected.

With its easy to use web interface, you can get teams quickly set up with the right settings, email and work related apps. You can manage iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. And because it helps create a secure environment, you don’t need to worry about important information being leaked or lost.

Want to find out more? Call our sales team on 0800 956 6100. Or call 150 from your EE phone.

Case study: Crossbridge

Specialist consultancy Crossbridge works with many of the world’s leading banks and investment firms, addressing pressing priorities like financial crime, data security, regulation, and business and IT transformation. Information is key to the business.

Discover how MobileIron by EE is helping them improve communications across a dispersed workforce, saving them time and reinforcing their commitment to security across all types of devices.

Experience the benefits of Mobileiron

Stay in complete control

Easily manage devices, apps and content ensuring business information used by your team on mobile devices is protected.

A secure environment

In the event of a device being lost or stolen, you can simply lock or wipe it, or block access to sensitive information.

Flexible, reactive and nimble

Get your teams quickly set up with the right settings and passcode-protected access to critical information.

The right content on mobile

Push work files and mobile apps that should be available to everyone in your business - or specific groups, like Sales.

Mobile Device Management gives you:

Device management

  • push mobile device configuration settings (email; WiFi; VPN)
  • remotely lock and wipe lost or stolen devices
  • apply policies /security restrictions to smartphones and tablets (enforce device passcode login; block device features – camera, SD card, etc)
  • manage business data on devices without impacting personal information/content

Mobile application management

  • create your own business app store – the App Catalogue
  • distribute and recommend installation of work oriented mobile apps
  • remove deployed apps and the data contained in them remotely

Document and file management

  • remotely make available files and documents on employees mobile devices
  • restrict ability to cut, paste, forward and save documents
  • delete documents and content remotely
  • enforce policy-based access restriction

How can I get MobileIron by EE?

MobileIron by EE is available as an add-on on all 4GEE Business Plans.

Tailored to accommodate your specific business needs, you start with five licences, allowing you to manage five smartphones or tablets. As your business expands, you can add one licence at a time.

For more information and to discuss how MobileIron could help your business, please call our sales team on 0800 956 6100. Or call 150 from your EE phone.

How to get started on MobileIron

MobileIron lets you easily secure and manage your users' mobile devices, apps and contents.

Watch the MobileIron startup video on the left to learn how to:

  • Enrol iOS devices with Apple’s cloud service
  • Configure user email and device passcode
  • Push apps to employees' devices
  • Invite employees to register

Technical information

With MobileIron customers can manage both smartphones and tablets running the most popular OSs – Apple iOS, Google Android and Windows (from Q2 2014)

MobileIron is focused on enabling a truly mobile workforce, you can manage both smartphones and tablets but not PCs & laptops or dongles & Mifi devices.

You are not restricted to managing devices on an EE account, all users are invited by email address, and with this email address is used to authenticate the user in the platform and becomes associated with the device managed.

What MobileIron allows you to do

Device management

Set up logins, email and WiFi remotely. Apply policies and restrictions - for example restrict access to buiness info when on roaming, or device features - such as the camera or Siri.

Device security

Lock, unlock and retire phones - this removes business information without touching personal information. Use Wipe to remove all content from lost and stolen devices.

The right apps for your business

Set up your own app catalogue - in-house or App Store apps to download. Includes rating and reviewing and ensures your team has the right tools for the job.

Your content to the right people

Publish a range of file types for distribution to different user groups. All content is encrypted and cannot be opened by other apps. Copy and paste restricted.

MobileIron | Mobility Management Platform for Business | EE

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You are charged by the number of licenses you purchase, and this charge is applied at account level.

*There is a 12 month commitment - so if you wish to terminate the service or deactivate your EE account, you will still be charged up to 12 months.

The MobileIron Cloud service is only available to customers subscribing or with an existing EE plan.

Each device added to the platform counts as 1 license even if it is associated to the same user.