EE pay monthly add-ons terms for customers adding to their plan on or after 28 October 2015

EE pay monthly extra add-ons terms

EE pay monthly additional services

EE pay monthly add-ons for 4GEE roaming plan terms

EE pay monthly 4GEE roaming plan data add-ons terms

Unlimited MMS bundle

All add-ons

Selected pay monthly plans bought before March 26, 2014, include one add-on. Within 24 hours of joining, you can choose your content add-on on your phone using our content add-on link on the EE Mobile destination at or by going to here. This link will take you through to a mobile page where you can select the inclusive add-on you want. You'll be re-directed to an app store to download your selected service or if the service is not an app, then you'll be linked directly through to the mobile service (data usage will decrement from your data allowance). After you've had the add-on for 30 days you can change it if there is another compatible add-on available. You can do this all through the EE mobile homepage.

You'll need a compatible device and an internet connection (where applicable). Please see the list of add-ons and which devices they are compatible with by clicking here.  Remember, you may need to browse the internet to download or use the add-ons, so usage will decrement your data allowance. Use is also subject to coverage, our network management policies and the fair use policies for WiFi set out in your pay monthly price plan terms and conditions. Third parties provide these multimedia products and we can't promise they will always be available or that they will work perfectly. Remember these third parties own the content of these products and we are not responsible for what you see. You may be asked to accept software updates at any time, and you must download these updates to keep getting the most up to-date functionality. Multimedia products are for UK use only. Any data use outside the UK will decrement any roaming data allowance you have.

Games You'll get 2 games each month to keep from the games add-on catalogue. You'll be notified when there are game updates available for download (data usage will decrement from your data allowance).

Mobile TV You can watch selected TV channels live on the go via your mobile phone.  You cannot pause, stop, rewind or fast forward the TV and content from the TV cannot be stored on any device.  All usage will decrement the data allowance from your pay monthly plan.  You must by covered by a current valid colour TV Licence in order to access all channels comprised within the mobile TV add-on.

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