If you’re on 4GEE pay monthly, the number of texts you have each month depends on which plan you chose.

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Our pay as you go plans offer lots of different options, depending on how much you text. You can choose to pay for texts straight from your credit – but if you text a lot, buying a text add-on will be much better value.

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Remember, if your text is more than 160 characters long it'll be sent as two or more messages – so it pays to keep it short and sweet.


If you're on a 4GEE pay monthly plan and you want to keep in touch with your friends and family by texting from abroad, you'll need roaming activated on your account.

To do this, call us from your EE phone on 150. From another phone, dial 07953 966 250. If you’re ringing from abroad, dial +447953 966 250.

You can keep the cost of using your phone abroad down by upgrading to a pay monthly price plan which includes roaming. This will give you unlimited minutes and texts, and a special roaming data allowance.


Roaming is enabled on your pay as you go phone as default, and you will pay standard rates for all texts from abroad.


Why EE

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