Fibre Broadband is a new service that delivers broadband to your office or home over fibre optic cable so it's much faster than existing ADSL technology.

Better, faster, stronger

Once you're online, you're more likely to stay connected at the same great speed, even with lots of you doing different things at peak times.

Because the service is faster, more people in the office can be online at the same time and heavy internet activity like downloading huge files, web conferencing, and sending large email attachments will be a lot quicker for everyone.

Fibre Broadband speeds

You'll get different speeds depending on the location of your office. With Fibre Broadband, the distance from your nearest green street cabinet and the quality of the line between this green cabinet and your office will determine your speed –  customers joining our 40Mb service will typically receive up to 38Mb/sec, and those joining our 80Mb service will typically received up to 76Mb/sec.

The speed you can expect to receive will be estimated and given to you before you join our Fibre Broadband service. 

Why EE

4G in more places than any other network

We're making sure that we provide the biggest 4G coverage for you.

Call and text with WiFi

No signal? No problem! With WiFi Calling you can keep talking and texting even if you don’t have mobile signal.

Investing in our network

We're spending £1.5 million a day to keep improving our network's speed, reliability and call quality.

And ready for the future

We're always one step ahead. We were the first to introduce 4G to the UK, double speed 4GEE and now 4G+.