How roaming data add-ons work

If you try to use the internet while you're abroad, you'll get a text message which links off to a page explaining which roaming data add-ons you can buy.

There's a range of roaming data add-ons, designed to suit what you want to do online.

Once you've bought a roaming data add-on that suits your needs, you'll be able to use the internet while you're abroad.

Why do I need a roaming data add-on?

Having a roaming data add-on means you can't run up a big bill using the internet abroad without realising how much you're spending. We'll get in touch when the add-on runs out, and give you the option to buy another.

If you don't buy a roaming data add-on, you simply won't be able to use the mobile network to access the internet while you're abroad.

You can also turn off 'data roaming' in your mobile phone's menu settings if you don't want to use the internet while you're away. Visit our Devices Help pages for more information on how to do this for your phone.

Some tips about using data

  • Streaming videos or music, playing online games, and uploading or downloading files all use lots of data. It can eat through your roaming data add-on really quickly
  • To keep your data use down while you're abroad, just do simple things like checking Facebook once a day or looking up an important football score
  • Lots of apps such as location-based services use data without you realising it. To cut down on this type of data use, turn these off when you're not using them

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