T-Mobile smart packs


Got a smartphone on T-Mobile pay as you go? Get all the minutes, texts and data you need in one awesome value pack.

  • Smart Packs start from just £10 a month - giving you a whopping £86 worth of minutes and texts - plus 1GB of data.
  • you only need to send one text to buy a monthly pack, and simply top-up every month to keep your chosen pack.
  • then you can carry on using your smartphone as you like for 30 days - using the UK's biggest 3G network.

*We also have BlackBerry Packs - if you've got a BlackBerry

Find out more about BlackBerry packs >

How Smart Packs work

  • buy a Smart Pack from your pay as you go credit and you'll get loads of minutes, texts and data to use for 30 days.
  • there's a range of packs to choose from, all offering fantastic value. For example, buy a £10 pack and you get a whopping 1GB of data, 400 texts and 100 minutes.
  • or if your digital life is pretty hectic, for £25 you'll get a massive 3GB of data, unlimited texts and 500 minutes.
  • once you've bought your first Smart Pack, we'll automatically add the same pack to your account every 30 days. So, you get all the freedom of being on pay as you go, and all you need to do is make sure there's enough credit on your phone - we do the rest. We'll even remind you when your new pack is about to start.
  • and remember, whatever pack you choose you also get terrific coverage as you'll be using EE's 3G network, the biggest in the UK.

Finally, with T-Mobile you can choose from our great range of smartphones to go with your Smart Pack. From the newest and shiniest to the most affordable on the market – if they're any good, we've got them in our online store.

How to get a Smart Pack

Once you've joined T-Mobile and topped up you can text:

  • SMART and the value of your pack to 441 (so you'd text SMART10 for a £10 pack). 
  • for BlackBerry Packs do the same, but text BBPACK (so BBPACK10).

Choose your smart pack

There are different Smart Packs to choose from so you can get the combination of data, minutes and texts to suit you. (We also have BlackBerry Packs that offer the same combinations plus free BlackBerry Mail and BBM):

Smart Packs


Cost Data Texts Mins How to buy
£10 1GB 400 100 Text SMART10 to 441
£15 2GB 600 200 Text SMART15 to 441
£25 3GB Unlimited 500 Text SMART25 to 441

Get a new pack automatically

  • all the allowances in a Smart Pack last for 30 days. At the end of the 30th day we'll take your next payment and a new pack will start automatically (unused minutes, texts and data don't roll over, though).
  • if you don't have enough credit we'll let you know - so you can top up and text again to buy another pack.
  • you're always in control of how much you're spending, and you can also see how much data, minutes or texts you've got left at any time by simply texting BA to 150.

Stopping Smart Packs

If you don’t want the Smart Pack to recur, text STOP plus the name of the pack to 441 at least 48 hours before your pack refresh date.

If you want to change your pack, first text STOP plus the name of the pack to 441, then wait for your current pack to expire (we’ll tell you when that happens). You can then buy a different Smart Pack in the normal way.

Important information

If you're already on T-Mobile pay as you go you'll need to make sure you are on our Everyday Plan before you buy a pack.

Just call 146 to check.

Terms and conditions

To see the full Smart Packs Terms and Conditions click here.

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