As part of your EE Home Broadband package, we've teamed up with award-winning internet security specialist Norton™ to bring you Norton™ Security Premium.

You can get Norton™ Security Premium free for a year to protect up to 10 devices including PCs, Macs®, smartphones and tablets from viruses, spyware, malware and other threats.

How to get Norton™ Family

The internet is a great social and educational tool for children, but it also exposes them to hidden dangers and temptations. By letting you establish sensible, age-appropriate parameters for your kids' online activity, Norton™ Family helps you keep them safe online.


New customers

If you're a new EE broadband customer, we'll give you the option to download Norton™ Family when you first connect to the Internet. Simply select I Need Parental Controls and follow the screens to sign up for, and download Norton™ Family to your devices.

Existing customers

  1. From a computer connected to EE Home Broadband, simply go to
  2. Sign up and create your Norton™ Family account.
  3. Download Norton™ Family onto all your PCs, Macs and Android mobile phones or tablets.

Setting up parental controls

Norton™ Family lets you assign a user name and date of birth for each of your children, and then and allocate users to each device. Settings are based on a user's age - parental controls are configured automatically. To change settings, simply log into the Norton™ Family Centre and personalise settings for each user.

Keeping children safe

You'll find loads of useful tips and advice aimed at helping you understand the dangers and temptations kids face online. See our guide to Keeping Children Safe.

Find out more

Norton™ Family supports Windows, Apple Mac OS X and Android devices. Find out more and Sign up to Norton™ Family now.

If you've got an iPhone or iPad, you can find out how to enable restrictions (also known as parental controls) on Apple's support site.

Help setting up your Bright Box

If you're having problems selecting parental controls while setting up your Bright Box router for the first time, see our guide to fixing nearly there page problems.

How to get Norton™ Security Premium

With EE Home Broadband, you can get a year's subscription to Norton™ Security Premium for up to 10 devices worth £69.99.

Download Norton™ Security Premium

To protect your computers with Norton™ Security Premium, just follow our step by step guide below.

  1. From a computer connected to your EE Home Broadband, go to
  2. Select the Register and Download button - you'll only see the button when connected to EE Home Broadband.
  3. Sign up to Norton (see below for more information).
  4. Download Norton ™ Premium Security on up to 10 devices including PCs, Macs®, smartphones and tablets.

Sign up to Norton™ Security Premium

When you sign up to Norton™ Security Premium, you'll need to enter payment details (a debit or credit card).

You won't be charged for the first year's subscription and you'll get a discount on the following year's subscription - so you'll pay just £34.99 for the second year.

One month before your subscription expires, your credit or debit card will be automatically billed and your subscription will be extended for another year.

If you don't want to renew automatically, simply log on to your Norton account and set the auto-renewal feature to off.

If you turn your auto-renewal off, you'll receive a notification one month before your subscription expiry date so you can choose to renew.

Getting support

Norton™ Family – getting support

For help downloading and using Norton™ Family, go to the Norton™ Family support site.

Norton™ Premium Security – getting support

For help downloading and using Norton™ Premium Security, go to the Norton™ Premium Security support site.

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