Have you lost your phone or tablet? Don't panic - contact us today.

Simply call 150 from an EE handset or 07953 966 250 from any other phone (at local rates).

Or call +44 7953 966 250 from abroad (at international call rates).*

We can help

  • If you're calling from a pay phone, we can call you back.
  • We can call a partner or parent for you, to explain the situation.
  • We can block your lost device so it will be unusable on our network. You can add a password in case you find it later.
  • We can send you another SIM card (charges will apply) or you can pop into one of our many locations to get one for free.
  • You can search My EE for your most recently dialled numbers.

Don't delay calling us - you will be billed for any use of your missing device.

Insurance and Protection

If you have Full Cover or Damage and your phone is lost, stolen or damaged call 07953 966250 from any phone and you can get a next day replacement *Terms and conditions apply

Important information

It’s very important that you report your device as lost or stolen as soon as you know it’s gone.

From Thursday 30 July 2015, if you let us know within 24 hours and somebody else uses your device while it's lost or stolen, you will only be responsible for paying a maximum of £100 for any unauthorised usage that’s not part of your allowance. EE will cover the cost of any charges incurred over £100.

If you have reported your device to EE as lost or stolen within 24 hours, and receive a bill with charges incurred over £100 during this period, you should call Customer Service, who will confirm whether you are eligible for the cap and arrange for the charges to be credited back.

If you fail to let EE know within 24 hours of your device being lost or stolen, you will be liable to pay all of the charges incurred.

Please note: If you've lost your business phone or had it stolen. Please find more information here.

Why EE

4G in more places than any other network

We're making sure that we provide the biggest 4G coverage for you.

Call and text with WiFi

No signal? No problem! With WiFi Calling you can keep talking and texting even if you don’t have mobile signal.

Investing in our network

We're spending £1.5 million a day to keep improving our network's speed, reliability and call quality.

And ready for the future

We're always one step ahead. We were the first to introduce 4G to the UK, double speed 4GEE and now 4G+.