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4GEE Success Stories

From reducing critical response times, to cutting down on desk time, 4GEE from EE is transforming the way that all kinds of businesses work.

Thanks to 4GEE, businesses are improving productivity and enhancing customer service.

Take a look at our 4GEE success stories and see what EE can do for your business.

EE at work with Digital Next

“The Business Connect plan means our business can remain flexible. We can add more people, phones, SIMs, Mobile WiFi and tablets whenever we need to.” Justin Blackhurst, CEO, Digital Next

Sunsail: yacht charter

"I can add on a simple data package, do my data roaming and stay in touch with the family, safe in the knowledge that I won't get hit with a big bill on my return to the UK."

Crossbridge: work securely anywhere

"We chose EE for 4G speeds with end-to-end protection built in through MobileIron." - Tony Clark, Managing Partner, Crossbridge

Knotek Photography

“The extra speed of 4GEE means I can take on work that I normally wouldn’t be able to fit in.”

Sideshow: graphic design

"I can work where I feel inspired. I no longer need a fixed office, which keeps my overheads down."

Penketh: plumbing and bathrooms

"Having 4GEE means we can browse for parts on the job, and save about two hours every day."

J-Wasp: aerial survey and photography

"With 4GEE, we're typically getting 20Mbps upload. So it's a 40 times increase in speed."

Perfect 4GEE products for you and your business


With our great range of 4G phones, you can get faster mobile access than ever before.


Our range of tablets help you and your team work effectively on the move.

Mobile Broadband

It's easy to get hooked up to mobile broadband, and we have a range of devices and plans to suit you.

Shared bundles

Shared bundles let you share one 4GEE plan with up to four other people in your company, or even with tablets and laptops.

Inflatable Photobooth

"Previously, between both offices we’d miss up to ten calls a day, many of them fresh enquiries." - Marcia Brickwood, Director, HZ Inflatable Photobooth

K&M Fleet Tech

''We chose EE as our main network provider because they had the edge when it came to network coverage and speeds.''

City Oils: recycling start-up

"With almost instant response times and no waiting for stuff to download, I gain four hours a week."

Blencathra Field Centre

"Now we can offer the connectivity speeds our students have come to expect.”


Now we can work wherever we are no matter how big the task. That makes us leaner and more efficient.” Simon Hill, Managing Director, Wazoku

Varley Boiler Services Ltd

"4GEE is saving us about 30 per cent of our time and making the business noticeably more profitable."

Luke Wylie, Theatre Technician

"With 4GEE, I have instant speed and reliability that I didn't have with 3G... 4GEE is much faster than WiFi at most of the places I work, so I can create a hotspot on my smartphone and connect it to my tablet to play the hi-fi sounds I'm after."

Spitfire Scaffolding

"I can practically run the whole company from my smartphone. I barely boot up the laptop any more."

Everybody Engage

"My digital life's never been better. I'm squeezing more into my working day, rather than extending it like before." Sarah Payne, Operations and Logistics Manager, Everybody Engage

Cityscape Planning & Architecture

"With 4GEE, our business is more mobile, efficient and sustainable. And we're saving money on paper and printing too." Sabina Begum, Principal Senior Consultant, Cityscape Planning & Architecture

Story Culture: video production

"We can review material and make changes on the fly. It's transformed the efficiency of the business."

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Why EE

4G in more places than any other network

We're making sure that we provide the biggest 4G coverage for you.

Call and text with WiFi

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Investing in our network

We're spending £1.5 million a day to keep improving our network's speed, reliability and call quality.

And ready for the future

We're always one step ahead. We were the first to introduce 4G to the UK, double speed 4GEE and now 4G+.