Using travel time more productively to make an already green business even more sustainable

Customer's challenge

Running a brand new company, Peter Smith, and his business partner, Dan Cross, need all the help they can get. Funded with the help of a green technology loan their company, City Oils, recycles used cooking oil from restaurants and food factories. The oil is reprocessed using modern and efficient facilities, and manufactured into biodiesel and other specialist biofuels. A small generator runs off the recovered oil to provide electricity; while waste exhaust and radiator heat are used to provide heat to the process plant.

A recent start-up, City Oils is situated in east London, near the Olympic Park, where it already employs eight people on a single site. Peter, however, lives in Northumberland – travelling down every Monday morning and returning on Friday evenings. “The problem was how to turn that potentially-wasted travel time into productive working time,” he says.

Our solution and its value

To make the business more flexible, 4G smartphones were chosen by Peter and Dan. Now, when he’s on the train, Peter’s able to surf the internet to seek new suppliers, send and receive emails, and access the City Oils site security systems in east London. Furthermore, the company has started using cloud-based services for its business spreadsheets, presentations and word documents. He can access, manipulate and share that data in real time.

Peter says: “The speed of 4GEE turns my seat on the train into an alternative office. With almost instant response times and no waiting for stuff to download, I gain about four hours a week. That time is vital, simply because I can concentrate on the business without dealing with day-to-day distractions.”

Meanwhile, Dan lives in Essex. He doesn’t have such a long commute, but finds that 4GEE makes mobile calls much clearer and more reliable while he’s travelling. And, when the business first started, 4GEE provided the factory with its initial broadband internet access to avoid the inevitable delay from the fixed-line service provider.

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Company type: recycling start-up

"The speed of 4GEE turns my seat on the train into an alternative office. With almost instant response times and no waiting for stuff to download, I gain about four hours a week."

Peter Smith, Finance Director, City Oils

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