4GEE SIMS feature in comfort and safety innovations

Customer's challenge

Keith Stockley and his business partner met at school. They got on so well they started the K&M Acoustics car audio store. Twenty years on and the Wigan-based business has built a solid reputation for top brands, high-quality installation, and unbeatable service and support.

Always looking for the next big idea, the owners spotted the chance to diversify and set-up a sister company, K&M Fleet Tech.

Our solution

With the 4G market maturing, the time came to make their move.

Now the offshoot business is making a big noise in the market with two trailblazing connected-vehicle projects powered by 4GEE SIM cards. The first means coach companies can offer unrivalled passenger entertainment. The second is an intelligent large-vehicle safety system that helps reduce road accidents.

Coaches stay connected for best passenger experience

In most WiFi-enabled coaches service tends to be patchy. The most common problem is signal drop as the vehicle moves between base stations. Tall buildings and hillsides can get in the way too. So passengers surfing the web might experience lots of interruptions.

The first K&M Fleet Tech innovation gets around this. Already trialled with a professional football club, it allows eight SIM cards to be loaded into a modem inside the coach. Four run simultaneously, with four held in reserve.

The ingenuity comes from the system’s ability to combine separate mobile data streams. It can detect if one of the signals is weakening and switch the affected SIM to a reserve before service starts to degrade. Passengers are completely unaware and carry on using their mobile devices as normal.

“By improving the passenger experience our solution can help coach companies attract new business,” says Keith.

Reducing the risk of drivers being involved in an accident

The worrying rise in accidents involving cyclists has put fleet management companies and drivers of large vehicles under the spotlight.

The second K&M Fleet Tech innovation lowers that risk. An intelligent security system allows clients to capture and store their own video evidence. It ensures 360° video camera coverage of the vehicle at all times. And it’s linked to the driving controls. For example, if the driver indicates to make a turn the camera automatically pans in the same direction.

This provides a robust audit trail and all vehicle-stored video content can be accessed remotely via the cloud. Once again, superfast 4GEE SIM cards make that happen.

“Increasing driver awareness will help lower incident rates and the potential for insurance and legal claims. By simplifying accident investigation, the solution’s good news for police and insurance investigators too,” Keith concludes.

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Company type: vehicle technology specialists

"We chose EE as our main network provider because they had the edge when it came to network coverage and speeds."

Keith Stockley, Partner and Company Secretary, K&M Acoustics

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