Wazoku uses 4GEE to bring the speed and effectiveness of its cloud-based offer to life while working virtually anywhere.

Customer's challenge

Wazoku is a leading innovation management software company. The name comes from Swahili for “great idea” and the firm’s products, Idea Box and Idea Spotlight, are cloud-based innovation management applications that help companies capture, share, collaborate, spotlight and implement great ideas from employees, partners and customers.

“The cloud is firmly embedded in our work and our way of life at Wazoku,” says Simon Hill, Wazoku Managing Director, “and that means we need to be able to reflect its implicit speed and agility in everything we do. 4GEE allows us to do exactly that.”

Easy to say, but not so easy to do when you’re trying to present to potential clients and the internet connection’s slow or unreliable. Left struggling to use a customer’s wi-fi service where available, the Wazoku team needed to be able to project a better image.

“Bandwidth-intensive interactions like streaming YouTube video or engaging in rich-content webinars are all part of our customer engagement model,” explains Simon.

Our solution and its value

And that’s why the Wazoku team had the inspiration of adopting 4G smartphones. Now the company demonstrates its products to its prospects with the speed and effectiveness that leaves their value in no doubt. Says Simon: “Not only that, but our people can tether tablets or laptops to their smartphones for high-bandwidth 4GEE hotpots they can take with them wherever they go.”

Furthermore, fast 4GEE access to email, CRM apps, and software development tools makes Wazoku much more responsive. “Now we can work anywhere no matter how big the task,” says Simon. “That makes us leaner and more efficient, free from on-premises constraints.”

Those time and resource savings, estimated at 20 per cent, are recycled back into the business. With five people on the road, that’s around 40 hours reclaimed a week: just like having another person on the team.

“We can even share and develop ideas among ourselves wherever we are, making us a great case study in the practise of our own ethos,” concludes Simon. A rapidly growing customer base – including the Metropolitan Police, Bristol University and Faber & Faber – stands testimony to that Wazoku wisdom.

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Company type: innovation management software

"Now we can work wherever we are no matter how big the task. That makes us leaner and more efficient, free from on-premises constraints."

Simon Hill, Managing Director, Wazoku

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