New EE does more

New EE is here and we’re so much more than just mobile. We’re for everyone, regardless of network, with new tech, new services and heaps of inspiration for every aspect of your life.

Discover how you can live, game, work and learn better with all your tech, all in one place. Welcome to new EE.

EE Home


Technology can help our homes run more efficiently than ever before. But choosing the right kit is hard.

That’s why EE Home is here, with all the tech and tools you need to keep your household safe, happy and entertained.

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EE Game

level up your play

When you’re gaming, you want to be immersed in the experience. No barriers, distractions or disruptions.

EE Game is here to take gaming to the next level. With all the gear and advice you need to help you get set up for success and perform at your best.

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EE Work

work on your terms

Working remotely is more popular than ever, but without the right tools it can become a real chore.

With EE Work, you can get all the tech and connectivity you need to work from anywhere with confidence, and to fit work around your life.

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EE Learn

your learning unleashed

You know that tech is playing a bigger part in your child’s life than ever before.

EE Learn is here to take the guesswork out of finding the right tech, with all the tools you need to help everyone learn safer, wherever they are.

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