Welcome to EE

Choose your Flex plan

Register for EE and set yourself up with your new Flex plan – it’s that simple to get loads of 4G data, minutes and texts every month. 

Get a mobile plan on your terms

EE Flex plans give you complete freedom: no contract, no remembering to top up, no losing your unused data, and allowances you can change whenever it suits you.  

Pay for your Flex plan 

It’s super simple to pay for your Flex plan in EE. Just choose your plan, register your credit or debit card details and pay for your plan.

Your plan will renew each month, so you never have to worry about topping up. And you can cancel or change any time.

Change your plan any time

You can change your Flex plan whenever you like. So if you find that you need more data than you thought, you can just switch to a plan with more data.





Data Rollover

If you don’t manage to get through all your data, we’ll add what’s left over into your next month’s allowance so you get a second chance to use it.


Free Data Boosts

The longer you stay, the more you get: every three months we’ll boost your monthly data allowance by an extra 500MB – and you get that extra data from then on for free! So your allowance keeps growing and growing.






All the benefits of the EE network

And don’t forget, you get all this freedom while still on the UK network with 4G in more places than on any other.

UK and Ireland call centres

All your calls are answered in the UK and Ireland so it’s easy to get stuff sorted.