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My EE - the snappy way to stay on top

It's the easiest way to stay in complete control of your account - billing, usage, allowances and more - even if someone else pays the bills

Your number

Want to keep your existing number?
  • Get a PAC code from your previous provider
  • Make a note of your new number from EE
  • Got both? Start your transfer below

Your bill

You get your first bill by post around seven days after joining. You’ll also find any future bills (as well as your first bill) online within My EE.

Your phone

Get the most from your shiny new phone
(hint: set up over WiFi to save data)

Get insurance cover, and relax...

If your device is lost, stolen, damaged or breaks down, you can get a replacement the next day.

You can protect it against cracks, smashes and spills. And you can protect the personal data you use on your phone.