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More reasons to stay
with EE

Superfast, reliable connection on-the-go

We’ve been awarded the UK’s best network by Rootmetrics for the seventh year running. We’re faster and more reliable than any other network. What’s more, we’re working hard to keep it that way.

Why is EE the UK's no.1 network?

The fastest 4G and 5G

We’ve got the fastest 4G and 5G speeds in the UK according to OOKLA speed test. It now takes just under 33 seconds to download a 600MB video using 5G in London.


The best network coverage

We have 4G and 5G in more UK places than any other network. Vodafone claim to have 5G in more places, but this includes their 5G abroad. We have the most comprehensive 4G coverage too. 

The best performance

RootMetrics conducted nearly 600,000 tests across the UK during the second half of 2019, and EE came out on top for the 6th year running.

Data Caps

Keep track of your usage so you’ll never go over your data allowance.

WiFi Calling

Stay connected wherever there’s WiFi so you can call and text on EE with ease

24/7 support

We have customer-focused teams to give you the help you need as quickly as possible.

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