3 helpful features that will change the way you use your Pixel 4

15 October 2019

 A smiling man and woman sitting looking at a Google Pixel 4 XL

Google Assistant has helped to transform the way we use our phones. This revolutionary voice assistant makes it easy to search and play music, find webpages, get news and weather updates and even control your smart home all from your phone – with a quick squeeze or a “Hey, Google”.

But the Pixel 4 promises to be more helpful than ever before – with an improved Google Assistant and new features on board. And the Pixel 4 will continue to get better and better as new updates are rolled out.

These are three of our favourite helpful features on the new Pixel 4.

Automatic live captions

We’ve all experienced it – that moment of dread when you realise you’ve left your headphones at home and you’ve got to get through an entire journey without being able to watch a must-see show you downloaded on Netflix the night before.

Well, now not all is lost if you leave your headphones behind. On the Pixel 4 you can add live captions to your media at the touch of a button. Captions will automatically appear on screen so you can follow along even though you can’t hear anything. It works with videos, podcasts and audio messages – and even with content you’ve recorded yourself.

It just needs to be in English and the accuracy of the captions will obviously depend on the quality and clarity of the audio.

a man sat down looking at his white Pixel 4

Live view on Google Maps

We’re not sure how we all managed before Google Maps. Of all the apps that have ever been released, Google Maps has got to be one of the most helpful.

But despite how great the app is, it’s still possible to occasionally make a wrong turn and end up on the road to nowhere. And that’s where Live View comes in. It has the potential to make wrong turns and missed exits a thing of the past.

Live View uses augmented reality to place arrows on top of real-life environments using Google Street View. With on-screen directions clearing up any confusion and making it even easier to get from A to B, you’ll always get to where you want to go.

Automatic transcriptions

The Pixel 4’s recorder automatically transcribes speech, so you don’t have to spend ages transcribing it all later. This is great if you’re interviewing someone or capturing audio on the move, saving you lots of time and effort when it comes to writing it up. What’s more, the recorder automatically categorises different types of audio, so you can easily search your audio and find what matters faster.

These are just three of the features we’re looking forward to using on the new Pixel 4, and you can expect much more from the new Google Assistant in the not too distant future.

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