5 things we’d HUGELY miss if Home Broadband didn’t exist

3 July 2017


Have you ever tried unplugging your Home Broadband router for an hour? Give it a try sometime – and see how often you go to do something, play something, watch something or post something only to find you can’t without that trusty little box plugged in.

It’s pretty staggering, really! Without broadband powering our home lives, some of our most basic tasks are impossible. Yet it’s all too easy to forget just how essential that high-speed connection can be. Unless, that is, you’ve ever come up against a data cap or download limit. If this is the case, you know exactly how vital it is. One minute you’re watching Netflix while searching for that last-minute gift; the next, you’re back to the Stone Age.

Luckily, with EE Home Broadband you get totally unlimited data usage! That’s right, no data caps, no download limits and, unlike other providers, we’ll NEVER reduce your WiFi speed – so you’re always covered, no matter how many hours you spend binge-watching your favourite series. And with our Fibre Plus, you’ll get average speeds of 67Mb/s. That’s seven times faster than standard broadband!

And all this got us thinking: what if we didn’t have high speed internet and unlimited data in our homes? What would life be like if our beloved Home Broadband suddenly disappeared overnight? Well, we imagined the unthinkable so you don’t have to. Here are the things we’d hugely struggle to cope with if Home Broadband suddenly didn’t exist…

Life without… on-demand TV and films
Whether it’s Netflix, Amazon Prime, EE TV or another service you rely on for those box-set binges – having a fast, reliable WiFi connection is handy for streaming. Without Home Broadband, we’d have to go back to renting physical copies of our favourite shows and movies. So if your friend texts you about a new series they’re “insanely obsessed with!”, you’d actually have to leave your house to find it! Not ideal when you’re already full of Chinese takeaway and in full-on daytime-pyjama-mode!

Life without… the home office
Whether you’re a student frantically finishing an essay or a solicitor sending a few out-of-hours emails, working from home is a brilliant option these days. And with literally all the information EVER at your fingertips online, there’s not much you can do at the office that you can’t do from your comfy sofa at home. Having that convenience taken away, if Home Broadband suddenly became non-existent, would take some serious readjustment. Back to libraries, anyone? Nope, us neither…

Life without… staying connected to friends and loved ones
We might not give it much thought but Home Broadband that gives us superfast speeds, constant connectivity and multi-device capabilities has brought us all closer together. We’re a social bunch and whether you’re a Facebook fanatic or a torrential Tweeter, that Home Broadband connection is great for keeping in touch with pals or just putting thoughts out into the ether. No more Home Broadband, no more social. Still, there’s always the landline…

Life without… online gaming
Remember back in the day when you wanted to play video games with your mates, and you actually had to all be in the same room together!? For our younger readers out there, that was how things went for a long, long time. But since Home Broadband kicked-in, we can now play with anyone, anywhere. Every single person who plays online multiplayer games knows the importance of reliable WiFi, especially when you’re about to destroy your mates at Call of Duty. And with EE’s average speeds of 76M/bs Fibre Plus, you – and all your friends – can take online gaming to whole new levels!

Life without… connected devices
The latest EE Home Broadband box will let you connect up to – get this – 32 different devices at the same time to share the connection. So if Home Broadband disappeared tomorrow, streaming sport on your tablet while watching on-demand films on your TV, and simultaneously posting your Saturday-night-out-pics on Facebook would be a thing of the past. And don’t even get us started on the family arguments that can cause. But with Home Broadband powering your home life, no one ever misses out! And we’re glad it’s going to stay that way.

Are you in need of broadband? Then find out more about EE Home Broadband and its perks – and there are some serious perks! As well as no usage limits holding you back on your broadband, you’ll get an extra 5GB data boost on your EE pay monthly data allowance, every month. Like we said, serious perks!

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