5 ways Google Home will change your life forever

8 August 2017

Ever fantasised about having your own personal lackey? Someone to cue your favourite album, switch on the kettle, dim the lights and give you a cheeky shoulder rub as you flop down on the sofa after a hard day’s work? Yup, us too! Well thanks to Google Home, now you can.

OK, perhaps not the on-demand massages; but with Google’s shiny new hands-free smart speaker, all of the other stuff is now gloriously possible. In fact, Google Home is about as close as you can get to having a butler without needing to build servants’ quarters.

How does it work? Well, Google Home is totally voice-controlled – so just wake it up with an “OK Google”, and like some kind of 21st century genie, its wish is your command. Plus it’ll take up a lot less space than an actual butler standing in the hallway. And without taking too much away from the Alfred J. Pennyworths of this world, even Bruce Wayne would be blown away!

So, here are some of the amazing things Google Home can do – or put another way, the things you no longer have to…

On-demand entertainment – without lifting a finger
Google Home will play your favourite Bruno Mars album, pick up where you left off on your latest Netflix binge, find the perfect Spotify playlist for your dinner party and even satisfy those late-night YouTube cravings – all without you having to lift a finger. It’s like having your own personal DJ in the house. But unlike the real thing, they won’t turn down requests or demand an outrageous rider. And if you’ve got kids, they’ll be blown away when they discover the telly now fires up Paw Patrol any time they want. But hey, you might want to keep that one quiet for now!

Take the stress out of planning your day
Let’s face it, no one likes personal admin. And now Google Home can help you tick off the dreary tasks that get in the way of breakfast. Get a heads-up on the day’s meetings, catch up on the headlines and check the weather. Out of Marmite? No worries – simply get Google Home to add it to your shopping list. And all this while you’re slurping coffee and munching toast.

You’ll never be stuck for an answer – however tricky the question
We’ve been hammering Google with our most outlandish and obscure questions for almost 20 years now. So as you’d expect, it’s second nature to Google Home to provide instant answers to the most brain-pummelling enquiries. Whether you’re overcome with an urge to find out the exact distance to the nearest star, or pondering important philosophical questions – like finding out how many calories there are in a Big Mac. Just holler “OK Google” and let the magic unfold. And if you’re a parent with kids who regularly blurt out off-the-wall questions – like “how heavy is a cloud?” or “how many teeth do puppies have?” – then you’ll never be stumped again.

Your very own voice-activated kitchen helper
Switching on the oven, whacking up the heating or hoovering the living room without moving an inch might sound like something straight out of Futurama or The Jetsons (look it up!). But with Google Home, the future really is now. Next time you feel a bit chilly or spill popcorn on the carpet, simply holler a quick command and let the tech will do the rest. There are already dozens of compatible gadgets and gizmos on the market that will seamlessly connect with Google Home: mood lighting, thermostats, household appliances, and yes, even robot vacuum cleaners straight from the realms of science fiction. So just kick back and relax. Although lift those feet up for a second, would you!?

Remember where you left things
If you’re the kind of person who spends ten frenzied minutes scrabbling around for your keys each morning, fret no longer. You can now tell Google Home where you left them the night before and get a timely reminder. Oh, they were in your jacket pocket… again! Never mind. Google Home won’t judge. Catching a flight in the small hours? Just say something like, “OK Google, remember my passport is under the unopened letters on the coffee table” and it’ll tell you exactly where you left it when you need it. With Google Home on-hand to help, lost belongings could be a thing of the past…

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