Next generation telly: 7 reasons you’ll love Apple TV 4K

18 October 2017

Your TV set is about to become a whole lot more epic.

That's right! Watch your favourite movies in rich 4K HDR quality. Receive specially-curated, personalised recommendations. Enjoy content from your smartphone on the big screen. Get FREE 4K upgrades of anything in your iTunes library. And lose yourself in fully-immersive, devilishly addictive gaming experiences.

Welcome to the awesome world of Apple TV 4K – telly that’s tailored especially for you.

And if you’re an EE customer, you can even combine Apple TV with your free Apple Music subscription, to create the world’s most mind-blowing jukebox. With over 40 million tunes at your fingertips, you’ll never be stuck for something to listen to.

You could even turn up the central heating and dim the lights without leaving the sofa – all through Apple’s Home app and HomeKit accessories!

So if you’re wondering what all the fuss is about, here are seven reasons you’ll love Apple TV 4K.

TV that’s more lifelike than ever
Apple TV gives you a spectacular 4K picture that blurs the lines between your TV set and reality itself. Using four times as many pixels as standard HD, this is TV at its most thrillingly true-to-life. And with a near-endless supply of Hollywood blockbusters, Netflix binge-watches and crunch sporting clashes to choose from via your subscriptions, you’ll never be short of quality to watch. Pick out every single blade of grass during that thrilling Manchester derby, and every ripple of Dwayne Johnson’s muscles in Baywatch. This is TV as you’ve never experienced it before.

All your favourite shows – in one handy place
The Apple TV app curates all of your favourite apps and channels into one easy-to-access place, so clumsily flicking between BBC iPlayer and BT Sport is a thing of the past. Instead, you get a hand-picked, personalised experience that provides spot-on recommendations and lets you browse through content from over 60 video services. Award-winning shows like The Handmaid's Tale, scorching-hot movie releases like Logan and Wonder Woman, title-deciding Premier League matches and hard-hitting documentaries – it’s all just seconds away, and in glorious, spine-tingling 4K.

No extra cost for 4K products
Think you’ll end up paying through the nose for 4K versions of your favourite shows? Think again. 4K content costs exactly the same as the standard stuff on iTunes, so whether you’re rooting for Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman or singing along with Maui in Moana, you won’t be out of pocket. Even better, Apple will upgrade any movies or shows you’ve previously bought to glorious 4K at no extra cost. That means you can make the upgrade to thrilling, crystal-clear 4K without having to pay for the privilege.

Take your gaming to the next level
Apple TV 4K comes loaded with a A10X chip – the same one you’ll find in the powerful new iPad Pro – making high-end games an absolute blast to play. You’ll find games and apps are richer and more interactive, with incredible performance speeds that mean your device is never left playing catch up, however fast you go. Use your Siri remote as a steering wheel in high-octane racing games like Asphalt 8, or a trigger in first-person shoot ‘em ups like Afterpulse. The makers of Bafta Award-winning game Journey are even on board, working with Apple to create Sky, a mesmerising romantic adventure game, especially for Apple TV 4K.

Do things your way, at your convenience
Apple TV switches seamlessly between your Apple devices and fits your viewing in around your lifestyle. Start watching Stephen King’s IT on the iPad while you’re rustling up supper in the kitchen, then take it through to the living room and switch to the big screen – without missing a single chilling second. And should you get too terrified to watch on your own, flip to your iPhone and take it along on your commute. Just don’t scream too loud on the bus.

Siri – your perfect viewing companion
With Apple TV, Siri gets even more intelligent. Want to change channel or fire up the latest episode of Game of Thrones? Just holler, and Siri will do the rest. Missed that important line because your mate sent you a Facebook message? Utter a simple “What did he say?” and Siri will rewind the show 15 seconds and switch the subtitles on. Genius. You can even carry out advanced searches for stuff like “Kevin Bacon movies”, and then delve even further by following up with “Only the latest ones.” It’s all startlingly clever stuff.

It’s really easy to set up
Apple kit is well-known for being an absolute cinch to set up, and the 4K box is no exception. The super-intuitive guides will have you kicking back and watching your favourite shows within minutes, and if you own another Apple device, things get even easier. Apple TV will use your iPhone or iPad to import your account information and Wi-Fi settings, so you’ll be up and running in no time at all. The whole process is a breeze, even for the most technologically-challenged.

Ready to get hooked up to Apple TV 4K and take telly to the glorious new heights? You can experience Apple TV 4K for just £179, or spread the cost over your EE plan for just £14 per month subject to a commitment period. Visit your nearest EE store for details.

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