Apple announce three new phones - iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR

14 September 2018

We’ve been counting down the days to Apple’s big announcement for some time now, eager to find out what they’ve got in store for us this year. And boy, did they deliver!

There’s lots to digest, so here’s the key iPhone news from Apple’s big announcement: 

Three is the magic number

Apple is launching three new phones – available in different sizes and a range of colours.

Each new iPhone will benefit from a stunning edge-to-edge bezel-less design that made last year’s iPhone X so ground-breaking and popular.

But this year Apple has really pulled out all the stops.

Read on to find out more…

iPhone XS Max: larger than life

iPhone has always been easy and convenient to hold – more so than their supersized rivals. And while that’s great for taking calls and sending messages on the move, there was some trade-off with screen size.

Now fans of big phones will love getting to grips with iPhone XS Max – it features the largest screen you can currently buy on any smartphone in the UK, measuring in at an impressive 6.5 inches.

Such a large screen means you can fully immerse yourself in your favourite films, TV shows and games. Plus, your photos and videos will look amazing. The Super Retina OLED display features an eye-pleasing 2688 x 1242 resolution, packing in 3.3 million pixels and 458 pixels per inch for a stunning viewing experience.

Then there’s the sound. With wider stereo sound on board, you can experience a richer audio experience when watching videos or playing games. Everything looks and sounds incredible.

Taking photos has reached a whole new level on the new iPhone XS Max too. Content comes to life on the large and immersive Super Retina display, and new features help you capture beautiful photos and videos you’ll want to show off.

iPhone XS Max has a 12MP wide-angle camera, 12MP telephoto lens, and 7MP front-facing camera for selfies and portrait shots. And these cameras work hand in hand with the powerful A12 Bionic chip to produce beautiful images. An on-board image signal processor sets exposure, focus, white balance and more for photos that look great every time, in all conditions. Overall, a trillion operations are completed every time you take a photo.

On the camera front, the new Smart HDR feature really stands out. With Smart HDR, you can take photos in an instant – which is perfect for capturing moving subjects. iPhone XS Max takes numerous shots and processes them all in the blink of an eye – combining the best highlights, shadows and details from each image to create the ultimate photo every single time. Then after you’ve taken your photo, you can adjust the depth of field – giving you complete control over how your images look and enabling you to get even more creative.

Of course, with such an amazing camera and so many powerful new features packed into iPhone XS Max, you’re going to need a battery that can handle lots of use throughout the day. iPhone XS Max's battery lasts up to 90 minutes more than iPhone X. And the A12 Bionic chip is much more efficient too, so you can do even more for even longer.

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iPhone XS: a big step up

iPhone XS shares all the same specs and features as iPhone XS Max – besides screen size, resolution and battery power.

Everything else is the same, including the incredible internal chip that powers these lightning-fast iPhones – the A12 Bionic.

Apple’s new chip makes everything faster than last year’s iPhone X, whether it’s opening apps (up to 30% faster) or unlocking your iPhone with FaceID. To put things in perspective, iPhone X completed 600 billion operations a second. The A12 Bionic chip manages a staggering 5 trillion.

This means improved artificial intelligence, much faster and smoother gaming, and better and more useful augmented reality. New applications can really push the boundaries and achieve much more on the new iPhone XS. 

Plus, iPhone XS comes with dual SIM capability, so now you can use two numbers on one iPhone.

iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max come in three gorgeous finishes – gold, silver and space grey. And you can get either iPhone with 64GB, 256GB or an incredible 512GB of internal storage.

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iPhone XR: do more for less

For the first time, Apple is releasing a lower priced version of their new iPhone. iPhone XR features the same super-fast and powerful A12 Bionic chip as iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, as well as the same beautiful design.

At 6.1 inches, the Liquid Retina LCD display makes it more affordable to experience all the benefits of a big screen, including enhanced entertainment and easier multi-tasking.

iPhone XR features haptic touch feedback when you open applications – in the same way as the MacBook Pro trackpad works. It has a single 12MP wide-angle camera with the same features as iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max – including Smart HDR and depth control.

iPhone XR is a beautifully designed phone, crafted from aerospace-grade aluminium. And it’s available in six stunning colours: blue, yellow, coral, white, black and Product Red.

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