Everything you need to know about EE Home Broadband

8 November 2017

Choosing the right broadband package can be baffling, with all manner of mind-boggling things to think about: do you need a superfast fibre-optic connection or will standard broadband do? Will the router clash with your new Beats By Dre speaker? And what on earth is an ADSL, anyway!?

Luckily, EE’s superfast broadband packages are dead easy to understand and a breeze to get set up. And when you consider some of the amazing benefits our packages offer – like extra data each month for your EE mobile, unlimited data usage and free Norton anti-virus software – it’s a total no-brainer.

So whether you’re looking to switch your broadband provider or get a brand new connection, we’re the people you need to speak to. To prove it, we’ve rounded up some of the many reasons you’re better off with EE.

Totally unlimited broadband – no usage caps or download limits
If you’ve ever been stung with a hefty charge for going over your data cap, you know just how easy it is to do. After all, hammering streaming platforms uses a lot of data and life’s way too short to miss that final episode. Well, with EE Home Broadband, you no longer have to decide between your favourite show and running out of data. All our home broadband packages have absolutely no usage caps or download limits – yep, absolutely none! – and we’ll NEVER throttle speeds, even during peak times. So you can use the internet 24/7 without worrying about a single thing.

Get superfast average speeds of 67Mb/s
Streaming countless videos, downloading the latest tunes and blasting armies of aliens – all in day’s work for your family? Then you’ll love EE Broadband. Our Fibre Plus Broadband plan has average speeds of 67Mb/s and is great for heavy-usage households using multiple devices at the same time. Or maybe you’re the kind of person who does little more than check your mail and surf the web occasionally? No worries – just go for our Unlimited Home Broadband and it’ll more than meet your needs.

Boost your EE mobile data – 5GB extra free each month
Already an EE pay monthly or 12-month SIM-only customer? Then you’ll love this. Sign up for Home Broadband from EE and we’ll whack an extra 5GB on top of your monthly mobile data allowance. It’d usually cost you £12.99 a month, and gives you a serious amount of extra data for streaming movies, watching BT Sport listening to Apple Music or simply browsing the web to your heart’s content.

It’s so easy to switch to EE Broadband
Already tied up in a broadband contract you’re not happy with? Don’t fret. If you’re hit with a cancellation fee for quitting another provider, we’ll refund up to £50 to make up for it. It’s dead easy to switch, too – we’ll even tell your old broadband provider and save you making that awkward break-up call*. There’s no need to take time off work for us to set it up, either. Just plug in our superfast fibre router and you’re ready to go. It’ll even fit through most standard letterboxes, so you won’t need to collect it from the Post Office if it arrives while you’re out.

Security and peace of mind – free of charge
Here at EE, we’re aware that surfing the net doesn’t come without risks, and that it’s vital to have protection against the scammers out there in the ether. Luckily, our broadband packages come with a free year’s subscription to Norton Security Premium. You’ll get reliable defence against viruses, spyware and all other kinds of online nasties, as well as your identity, personal information and online transactions safeguarded. It’d usually cost £69.99, and you can use it to protect up to ten different devices around your home at the same time.

We’re not ones to brag, but we like to think that EE TV is just about the best way of getting your telly fix that’s out there. It’s packed with over 70 channels and all manner of genius features, like the ability to ‘swipe’ shows between your TV and tablet, and an app that turns your smartphone into a remote control. You can also watch up to four channels around the house at the same time, and choose from some of the best Pay TV, including hayu, Sky Sports, a new premiere every day on Sky Cinema, must-see Sky TV including Sky Atlantic and the all-new Sky Kids with NOW TV passes. Passes start from £2.99 extra a month, with no contract.

Like what you’ve heard so far? Well, EE Broadband gives you unlimited data and superfast speeds. Head over to our EE Broadband hub and type in your postcode to get started.

*The only exception is Virgin Media customers who should notify Virgin after ordering EE Broadband and receiving your engineer visit and service switch date.

Ts&Cs: Prices subject to change. 18 month minimum term applies. Subject to credit check. Monthly charges assume online billing & Direct Debit payment. Consumer plans only.  Fibre is only available to customers living in our fibre network area.  Speeds referred to are download speeds. Speed depends on the distance to the nearest street cabinet that connects you to our network and number of users. Subject to availability Our fibre broadband terms apply, see ee.co.uk/terms. 12 month subscription to Norton Security Premium for up to ten devices worth £69.99. Offer available to customers joining EE broadband for the first time. Subscription automatically renews for year 2 (currently £34.99). Set “Auto-Renewal” to “off” in your Norton account to avoid subscription charges.

Data Boost: not available with 30 Day SIM Only plans or non-lead Sharer plans. You’ll lose the data boost if you cancel your home broadband. In order to retain your data boost when you upgrade or change your pay monthly plan, your EE home broadband must still be active and you must be moving to an eligible pay monthly plan. orth £12.99 based on the £12.99 cost for a 5GB add-on that lasts up to a month for a pay monthly customer. Calculation based on pricing as at 24/10/2017.

Cancellation Credit: only available to customers who are in contract with another provider for their broadband and calls subscription on the date they join EE broadband and paid charges incurred for leaving early (for example “early termination” or “early cancellation” charges, does not include standard monthly or outstanding call charges), evidence of which must be provided by uploading electronic copies at http://50credit.ee.co.uk/, where instructions on how to do this are provided.  You must claim within 90 days of your EE broadband service being activated. Credit will be applied to your EE broadband account in the next month following the satisfactory completion and processing of your request. The only exception is Virgin Media customers who should notify Virgin after ordering EE Broadband and receiving your engineer visit and service switch date.

Average speeds of 10Mb/s, 36Mb/s and 67Mb/s based on speed available to at least 50% of customers at peak time (8-10pm). Speeds vary by location. Check your speed at https://ee.co.uk/broadband

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