Get six months of MTV Play on us

13 March 2019

Ever wanted to catch up with last weeks’ Geordie Shore on your commute home? Or binge watch box sets like Ex On The Beach or Just Tattoo of Us without leaving the comfort of your bed? Well, now you can.

The MTV Play app brings you a selection of your favourite MTV shows, to watch anytime you want. And we’re offering our pay monthly customers six months on us, giving you unlimited access to some of the hottest reality shows around. Watch on your tablet or smartphone, if you prefer, link it to your TV using a HDMI cable.

EE will cover the data you use to watch shows too, which means you don’t have to worry about using up your allowance (though you will need to have some of your plan data allowance remaining to continue streaming).

Your subscription will be just £3.99 a month, which will be added to your mobile bill, and the data you use will start to come out of your allowance. We’ll remind you before we start to charge, and you can cancel at anytime.

How to get it

To subscribe to MTV Play, text MTV to 150, then reply YES to the follow-up text message. If you already have a subscription to MTV Play, you’ll need to cancel your subscription to MTV Play via your Google or Apple Store account. You’ll then be able to activate the offer as normal.

To find out more about subscribing to MTV Play, please visit our Help page.

MTV Play: Available to customers on 4GEE consumer and small business Pay Monthly plans (except Business Connect customers) requesting MTV Play for the first time. Subject to credit check. Offer available until 31.08.20. MTV Play is available for six consecutive months. The six months starts as soon as we receive your request for MTV Play. If MTV Play is removed from your account at any point during the six month period, you’ll be unable to get it again for a free period. At the end of the offer period, you’ll be automatically charged £3.99 (inc. VAT) a month until your next renewal date after 31.01.21 when MTV will be removed from your account.  At the end of the offer period data used will decrement from your plan allowance. You can cancel at any time. During the offer period, data used whilst streaming content on MTV Play whilst in the countries covered by your plan will not decrement from your plan’s inclusive data allowance. All other data used when you use MTV Play will decrement from your plan’s data allowance. You must have some of your plan’s data allowance left else you will be unable to stream content on MTV Play. The offer is non-transferable. MTV Play is for your personal, non-commercial use. You must not attempt to share, edit or adapt the content made available to you. It’s your responsibility to ensure that content accessed by under 18s is suitable for those viewing it. Content available via MTV Play may change from time to time. MTV Play terms apply. For more details go to www.ee.co.uk/mtvterms

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