How to get a playstation 5 on ee


How to Buy a PlayStation 5 on EE

Love the PlayStation 5? Hate how hard it is to get your, hands on one? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. With a range of PS5 bundles all n stock and re-stocked regularly, find out how you can add one to your plan

You can only get a PlayStation 5 on EE if you’re an existing customer. So, if you haven’t joined us and experienced our superfast 5G network yet, then you’ll need to sign up first.


When the PlayStation 5 is in stock:

We’re stocked up, so you can enjoy the Sony PlayStation 5 right now. Plus, you can check to see what bundles for the PS5 are available by heading to the dedicated PlayStation 5 section of our website.

To buy a PlayStation 5 online or in store, you’ll need to be an EE customer on a pay-as-you-go monthly handset plan, within the first 17 months of your contract, and pass credit checks. If you tick these boxes, get ready to brag to your friends because a PS5 on EE will be yours.

You’ll also be able to buy a range of PlayStation 5 consoles, games and accessories, including:

PS5 Consoles & Bundles

PS5 Accessories

PS5 Games

Just like the PlayStation 5, these games and accessories are part of our Add To Plan deals which help you spread the cost when buying new tech with an interest free plan. Simply pay across your contract over an 11 or 24-month period – easy. You can only have three items on an Add To Plan deal though, so choose wisely. If you do want more than three, you can pay for some products outright.

For more details, browse EE’s PlayStation products here


When the Playstation 5 is out of stock:

Looking for a PlayStation 5 but seeing that dreaded “out of stock” sign?

We know this isn’t what you want to see, that you don’t have time to refresh the page every five minutes until we restock, but you also don’t want to miss out.

So to save you time, hassle and console-related heartbreak, you can register your interest for a PS5 on EE below. We’ll send you an email once they’re back in stock, so you won’t be worrying about missing out on restocks anymore!

 Register interest for a PlayStation 5


When does PlayStation 5 restock:

We regularly restock across the year, so it’s worth checking back often to make sure you’re not missing out. We also communicate PS5 restocks, so be sure to register your interest.

And if EE is out, you can find the PlayStation 5 – as well as PS5 consoles and accessories – on BT’s Online store. Buy from the BT Shop here.

Discover more about our gaming products and services on our Gaming hub.

Frequently asked questions about PlayStation 5

What’s the difference between the PlayStation 5 console and the PlayStation 5 Digital console?

The PlayStation 5 console includes a disc drive allowing you to play games on disc as well as DVD’s and Blu-ray. It also comes with all the same functionality as the digital console. The PS5 digital console is only for digital content, so you’d need to download or stream your games and use streaming services for films.

What’s the latest generation of PlayStation console?

The latest generation of PlayStation is the PS5 or PlayStation 5, released in November 2021. Production of the PS5 is scheduled to end in August 2023, with a new ‘slim PS5’ going into production around April 2023. Sony have no other plans to release a new console until 2027.

What features does a PlayStation 5 have?

The PS5 boasts an ultra speed SSD, Ray Tracing and 4k TV gaming. Tempest 3d audiotech, haptic feedback and adaptive triggers in PlayStation controllers and audio output. All this coupled with cross generation multiplayer, supporting PlayStation apps and a clean and clear UI means you’ll experience high quality gaming with a fully supportive ecosystem to play in.

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