Is your child ready for their first phone?

17 June 2022

Buying your child’s first mobile phone is a big step to take, there’s loads of options out there and it can be a bit overwhelming.

And if you do decide to go for it, which one is best?

We’ve compiled answers to the most popular questions parents have when buying their child’s first mobile phone.

Firstly, what about security? What do I need?
As much as every parent wants to, you can’t watch what your child is doing on their phone 24/7. Help is at hand though, as it’s standard practice to offer security products to protect children from adult content on mobile phones. So they still have freedom, and you have peace of mind.  

All EE phones offer Content Lock, which you can adjust to a level of security that you’re comfortable with:

Moderate: which allows access to social networking sites but not 18-rated content.

Strict: This is the safest option for younger children as it restricts their access to certain sites and content that is considered a higher classification than PG.

Do we go pay as you go or pay monthly?
One of the biggest plus-points with pay monthly is the unlimited minutes and texts, which most children are unlikely to use anyway. If you choose to start with pay as you go, the £10 Everything Pack on EE is a great starter: 5GB data, unlimited texts, 150 minutes and superfast 4G.

There are so many phones, which one is best?
There are a huge number of phones on the market, but lots will offer way more than your child needs for their first phone. If you choose a smartphone, you'll get 4G and even 5G capabilities. Most apps have their own in-app security settings, so you can keep them safe without ruining the fun. Ask your child what apps they want to use and go from there.

There's loads of Pay As You Go options available on EE, and if you need any more info just get in touch over the phone or in-store.


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