Jamie Laing and Ollie Ollerton: SAS-inspired fitness challenge with the Galaxy Watch 4G

21 January 2019

You probably know Jamie Laing best as a reality TV star. But did you know that he also runs his own gourmet sweet business, Candy Kittens, and his great-great-grandfather invented Digestives and Jaffa Cakes? Mmm, Jaffa Cakes.

But biscuits and sweets are likely to be off the menu for the next couple of weeks, as today Jamie received his Samsung Galaxy Watch 4G in preparation for a fitness challenge like no other.

An EE box with the Galaxy Watch inside

If you follow Jamie on Instagram you’ll know he loves to keep fit. After all, that Marbella beach-ready body isn’t going to take care of itself.

We’re going to put Jamie through his paces with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4G to see how he benefits from the enhanced activity tracking and health monitoring. But we’re not taking Jamie down to his local gym – oh no, that would be way too easy. We’ve enlisted the help of Ollie Ollerton, former Special Forces operative and TV fitness star, to get Jamie through an intensive SAS-inspired fitness challenge.

Box containing the Samsung Galaxy Watch

Ollie’s military career began at 18 when he joined the Royal Marine Commando’s. He was recommended for SAS Special Forces Selection and had to complete a gruelling six-month selection process before joining the Special Boat Service, where he was involved in high-profile missions on land and sea. With all his military training, experience and leadership qualities, Ollie is more than qualified to help Jamie conquer the challenge ahead.

Ollie will also be equipped with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4G as he takes Jamie through a series of training exercises that will help him complete the challenge at the end of the month. With Ollie and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4G by his side, we know Jamie’s going to smash it!

Jamie and Ollie training together, looking at their Galaxy smartphone

Check back next week to see Jamie’s progress or chat about the challenge here.

Want to get fit and healthy with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4G too? We’ll post some less intensive training ideas and routines soon. Watch this space…

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