Just what is EE TV?

27 July 2017

Remember when TV sets bullied us into watching on their terms? Back when that stubborn box in the corner of the living room could spark tussles for the remote whenever EastEnders clashed with the football, or half the household couldn’t take another second of Celebrity Big Brother?

You can? Well, thankfully TV’s dark ages are over and the viewer is now very much 'the boss'. Clever set-top boxes have ushered in bold new ways to watch our favourite shows, making TV slot seamlessly into our busy lives. Now we can watch what we want, when we want – whether it’s on a smartphone, tablet or even the good, old-fashioned gogglebox.

And while we’re perhaps a little biased, we like to think that EE TV is the best of the bunch when it comes to satisfying your square-eyed needs. Don’t believe us?  Well, just take a look at all the awesome things EE TV can offer…

The best shows around – whenever you want them
With EE TV, you’ll never be stuck for something to watch ever again. Take your pick from over 70 free channels, plus instant access to tons of top quality on-demand entertainment. Best of all, you get the cream of pay TV without getting tied into a monthly contract. Immerse yourself in binge-watches like Game of Thrones and Twin Peaks on Sky Atlantic. Bring the big screen cinema experience into your home with movie channel Rakuten. Or hang out with the Kardashians and The Real Housewives on hayu. Whatever kind of telly you like, EE TV has you covered.

Unplug the telly
If you’re the kind of person who slumps down on the sofa to watch The Tudors, and then decides halfway through that you’d rather be watching from under the duvet in your PJs - EE TV is your new best friend. Its futuristic ‘Flick and Fetch’ features let you swipe your favourite show from the telly onto your tablet or phone, and carry it upstairs without missing one bodice-ripping second, and then swipe it back to your telly again.

Forget the remote – use your phone instead
Fed up with fumbling around for the zapper? Download the EE TV app and your mobile doubles up as a supercharged remote control, so you’ll never have to fight the fluff down the back of the sofa again. Oh, and along with all the things you can do with a normal remote, you can also look for programmes and plan your night’s viewing without interrupting what you’re watching on the TV. How cool is that!?

Purge the planner
If you’ve ever had to spend hours wading through screen after screen of Peppa Pig to find your favourite series, EE TV’s personalisation feature will come as an absolute godsend. Simply create your own personal TV guide on your phone or tablet, and you’ll get instant access to the channels you love and the shows you’ve recorded –  with nothing getting in the way.  

Stay on trend
These days, the best TV tips come from social media. So if you’re stuck for ideas on what to watch, why not see where the social buzz takes you? EE TV lets you know whenever a show starts trending on Twitter, so you can tune in, see what all the fuss is about and then start chatting to other users about that ludicrously over-the-top cliff-hanger.

Over 70 free channels
EE TV comes with over 70 free channels – 11 of which are in striking HD – and access to thousands of programmes and films from catch-up services like BBC iPlayer and YouTube at no extra cost. Worried you’ll miss out on the big Pay TV events? No need. You can choose from the best whenever it suits you, including daily premieres on Sky Cinema and everything from the Premier League to F1 on Sky Sports.

Four channels at once
Fed up with playing spontaneous games of ‘hide the remote’ whenever the family’s not so keen on the show you’ve picked? EE TV lets you watch up to four separate channels at the same time on your TV, and up to three different devices. So if you’ve got a house full of people with wildly eclectic viewing habits, this smart, shiny box will diffuse an awful lot of potential arguments.

Pause, rewind and record to your heart’s content
With EE TV’s massive 1TB set-top box, you can store up to a whopping 600 hours of TV (or 300 hours of HD) – much more than most similar services – meaning you’ll never be stretched for space. You can record four different programmes at the same time, or even set EE TV to record up to eight of your favourite channels over a 24-hour period – so if you do miss something, you can just grab it off your box’s hard drive.

EE TV gives you loads of great telly for a lot less than you’d think. Over 70 free channels, access to on-demand entertainment and some of the best Pay TV when it suits you. Sound good? Then find out more about our EE TV and Home Broadband packages.

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