Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: Five features to get excited about

By Thomas Tamblyn - 14 February 2020

 Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Samsung has officially unveiled the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip along with its brand-new flagship smartphones the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and Galaxy S20.

Featuring an innovating new folding form factor the Galaxy Z Flip will be familiar to those that remember the folding phones of the late 90s, of course a lot has changed since then. Here’s a rundown of the best new features you’ll find on the Galaxy Z Flip:

1. Folding Glass display

 Samsung Galaxy Z Flip folding glass display

Unsurprisingly, the biggest feature worth talking about is the 6.7-inch AMOLED Folding Glass display. It’s the first display of its kind on a smartphone and not only helps to improve the quality of the screen but will also improve its durability.

The screen itself is everything you’d expect from a flagship smartphone including HDR10+ which means you’ll be able to watch the very best quality content on streaming apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

2. Folding phone, flagship specs

 Galaxy Z Flip making Google Duo video call

Just because the Z Flip is a folding phone doesn’t mean it has to make compromises. Inside you’ll find the very latest Snapdragon 855+ processor along with 8GB of RAM and a massive 256GB of storage. You’ll be able to run multiple apps alongside each other and play the latest games at their highest visual settings.

A 3300mAh battery will give you a full days worth of charge and just like the rest of the Galaxy range it supports wireless charging and the ability to wirelessly charge other accessories such as the Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Buds+.

3. Take the stress out of selfies

 Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Flex Mode selfie

Taking selfies can often involve an awkward mix of balancing, arranging and possibly even a few selfies sticks. Remove all the faff thanks to the Galaxy Z Flip’s freestop hinge which allows you to partially unfold the phone to different angles and then stand it on any surface. The display will split in two, giving you camera controls on the bottom and the viewfinder on the top.

On the back you’ll find a powerful dual-camera (12MP Ultra Wide and 12MP Wide-angle) system that lets you record 4K video, take incredible photos at night and of course thanks to the freestop hinge you can safely use the bottom half of the phone as a tripod for those ultra-steady shots.

4. Never miss a notification

 Samsung Galaxy Z Flip second screen

On the front of the device is a 1.1-inch touch screen Cover display means that even when the phone is folded you’re never out of the loop. The display will show the time, any upcoming calendar events and any messages you receive.

It will even turn into a small viewfinder for when you want to take selfies using the cameras on the back of the device.

4. Beautifully compact

 Samsung Galaxy Z Flip design

Creating something so unique meant that Samsung had to make sure that the design reflected the innovation that was on show. Crafted with sleek minimal lines and made from high-quality materials the Z Flip is as beautiful as it is durable.

An all-new folding mechanism lets you unfold the device to different angles time and time again while sweeper technology repels dirt and dust.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is now available to buy on EE.

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