The fantastical world of Google Daydream View VR

8 November 2017

Fancy gazing in awe at the Pyramids of Giza? Or getting your culture fix at the Louvre? Perhaps you’re in the mood to watch your favourite band from the front row of Madison Square Garden? It sounds like the itinerary for the most epic holiday ever, doesn’t it?

But what if we could do all of these things – in the space of a few hours – and even find time to squeeze in a quick swim with dolphins?

No, we haven’t gone stark raving bonkers. With the awesome Google Daydream View virtual reality headset, you can do all of these things and more – without even leaving the sofa. Just slip your phone into the front pocket, strap it on, and take your gaming and boxset binges to an incredible new level.

Ready to experience places you’ve always dreamed of, without even putting your coat on? Welcome to the fantastical world of Google’s Daydream View VR.

A free round-the-world ticket
Strap on your headset and Google Street View becomes a first class ticket to anywhere in the world – without the jet-lag or queues at passport control. Bit of a culture vulture? Just fire up an app and you can view artwork specially curated by museums across the world, zooming in on every tiny detail of that Rembrandt masterpiece. Or you can head straight for any address in the world and simply have a mooch around. The Taj Mahal. Machu Picchu. Or even the front lawn at the White House. The options are endless.

Your own personal cinema
Watching a film or the latest Netflix hit with Daydream View is like having your very own personal mega-screen cinema. You’ll be plonked right in the front row – with none of those rustling crisp packets, screaming kids or shining smartphones to distract you. You can even take a starring role in a movie, too – awesome Harry Potter and Hunger Games spin-offs are already available, placing you right in the heart of the action. And with all the big Hollywood players itching to get on board, there’s much more to come. So watch this space.

Zap zombies in glorious 360°
A nifty wand-like controller makes Daydream View the perfect way to get stuck into the thrilling world of 360° gaming. If you’ve ever taken on your mate at boxing on the Wii Fit, you’ll know exactly how fun these controllers are. Whether you’re taking out demons in Hunter’s Gate, or swerving through a bum-clenching Need For Speed race, you’ll be blown away by the buzz of gaming in full-immersive VR.

The best seat at the concert
Do you always end up stuck behind the 6’5 guy with massive hair at gigs? Good news: with Daydream View VR, you can watch your favourite band strut their stuff without the dodgy views. YouTube is already packed with made-for-VR footage, including gigs by artists as eclectic as Metallica, Beyonce and Justin Bieber. Even better, some specially-made footage even lets you watch from the stage. Just don’t go getting stage fright!

The thrill of a lifetime
Want to swim with dolphins but can’t do much more than a doggie-paddle? No matter. With Daydream View, you can indulge your wildest fantasies, without having to book swimming lessons. Perhaps your interests are more out-of-this-world?  How about taking an inter-planetary tour of the solar system? Pretty far out, huh? And you won't need any astronaut training whatsoever!

Give your photos some extra oomph
You’ve probably noticed that your shiny new smartphone can take panoramic shots, right? And while they look pretty cool on your mobile screen, seeing them in glorious 360° virtual reality is really quite breathtaking. There’s reliving your memories, and then there’s reliving your memories in fully-immersive VR. It’s like having those special places you’ve visited on-tap 24 hours a day.

Can’t wait to get this stunning piece of headgear strapped over your peepers? Grab yourself an awesome Google Daydream VR headset from EE...

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