The Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G: the future’s here.

11 September 2019

 Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G

Good things come to those who wait. Well, the Samsung Galaxy Fold is finally here and it’s even better than we first imagined. Now it comes with 5G too.

You’ll be able to get your hands on this supremely stylish foldable smartphone from 18th September.

You can choose between a stylish Cosmos Black colourway or slick Space Silver look.

Introducing the Galaxy Fold 5G

The Galaxy Fold 5G is a smartphone unlike anything else; phone and tablet in one beautiful, cutting-edge device.

On one hand, it’s a compact and convenient phone, sporting a 4.6-inch front display for easy one-handed use, whether you’re taking photos on the move or navigating your way around the city using Google Maps.

On the other, the phone elegantly folds open to reveal a gorgeous 7.3-inch Dynamic AMOLED display that, with the help of Dynamic Tone Mapping and HDR10+, ensures content is life-like and packed with detail.

Convenience at its core

App Continuity on the Galaxy Fold 5G enables many of Google’s key applications to seamlessly transition from the phone’s front cover to the Infinity Flex Display – Samsung’s largest ever smartphone screen.

This means maps open in full screen when you unfold the phone and emails go from the small screen to the big screen in an instant – with a large keyboard on screen ready for your reply.

Going from the front cover to the tablet-sized screen is a real plus for photographers too. While folded, the Galaxy Fold 5G acts as a great compact shooter – easy to hold and quick to snap with. Then for reviewing, editing and sharing the results, the 7.3-inch display is your go-to screen.

In total, there are six cameras on board, including a 12MP Wide-angle Camera, 12MP telephoto lens and 8MP depth camera for beautiful bokeh shots. The Galaxy Fold 5G really is a photographer’s best friend.

And business users can benefit from having such a large screen that they can unfold at any moment. Having so much space available to work with multiple files and documents on the move is a godsend, and the Multi-Active
window lets you work with up to three apps at the same time.

Boundary-pushing design

Samsung has tested and retested the Galaxy Fold 5G’s precision-crafted hinge to ensure it’s solid and secure, revisiting the folding design and improving the folding mechanism since its initial April launch date. The hinge is made up of interlocking gears which work in the background to ensure the phone elegantly folds open and closed day after day.

The Infinity Flex Screen has also been beautifully crafted and thoroughly tested to fold and unfold smoothly and gracefully, while staying strong and offering an ultra-thin design.

And this extended and enhanced level of testing means Samsung was able to bring 5G to the party. So now you can experience superfast, lag-free internet access, even in busy places and at busy times, on our superfast 5G network. It’s great for gaming, downloading movies on the move and uploading photos to your social sites.

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